8 ways a transportation management system can help

Updated 12/15/2022: Axele is now LoadOps by Optym.

A transportation management system (TMS software) is a specialized software that has been specially devised to plan, execute as well as optimize the transportation of goods. A TMS software can help enable its users to go about three basic tasks seamlessly:

  • Help you get access to different carrier services around you to choose from
  • Help you find and book loads
  • Manage your drivers, equipment, and loads
  • Streamline invoicing, settlement, and other critical tasks

A TMS software is a technology that is almost essential to transportation carriers because of how much value it can create for carriers, shippers, and brokers. You ask how? It encompasses all the bases of the lifecycle of an order from planning, to dispatching through execution settlement. There are many types of TMS software providers from standalone software to supply chain management or modules within enterprise resource planning. The goal of TMS software is to maintain and raise efficiency, trim costs, and gain some insights into supply chain visibility. All of this in turn helps ensure customer satisfaction.

Is TMS software really popular for transportation companies?

Transport Management Systems (TMS software) has gained huge traction in the past decade or so. For many transportation professionals, TMS software is seen as a critical piece of technology that helps create a significantly more efficient supply chain. It has made the lives of people involved much easier, and logistics requirement transportations much more seamless in their supply chain cycles.

In recent years (2018), the global TMS software market has grown at a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.1% which is set to reach close to $1.94 billion this year (2022). Transportation management systems (TMS software) now account for nearly approximately 30% of the supply chain enterprises market.

Where exactly is TMS software used?

A variety of services use transport management systems. Some of them are carriers, manufacturers, e-commerce service providers, shippers, third-party logistics service providers – there are too many to name. It should not be shocking to learn that even wholesalers and retailers use TMS software, it being an essential component of their business models.

Why TMS software?

The transport management system is not a luxury but is now a necessity for any company that is involved with the transportation of significant volumes of goods today. This emergence of TMS software as a necessity primarily sprouts from how complex supply chains have become today. This, when coupled with other complications like regulations, shorter delivery windows, and increased demand makes working with computerized systems and information the best option to gain efficiency and avoid unforeseen complications

Automation of all the complex processes that are involved ensure to make the transportation services be conducted as inexpensively as possible. This, while ensuring no slips in the quality of work or efficiency to conduct tasks. Why TMS software, you ask? When you get all these services with easy tracking at minimal costs with maximum efficiency, there’s not much else to ask for!

How do transportation management systems work?

As we have learned, TMS software is a repository of detailed information about goods, carriers, and transportation. But it isn’t limited to just the transportation aspect. Some TMS solutions also help with transactions and communication systems. When both of these work in-sync help in ahead of time planning, well execution and real-time tracking of carriers. A TMS software can do all this because of the strong integrations to other carrier systems that share data and ensure up-to-the-minute accuracy of all relevant information.

A TMS software is often well-coordinated and integrated to make services operate in a friction-free and seamless manner. In terms of loading, scheduling, delivering and also making the lives of carrier drivers much easier, TMS software has indeed been a great revolutionary tool.

There must be certain benefits that TMS gives to its users and other individuals involved. Let us discuss some of those to understand this wonder tool in greater detail.

The benefits of TMS

1.     Find the best loads: With the right TMS software, your load boards are properly integrated and your fleet data can be leveraged to calculate profitability. This can help you find the most profitable loads that suit your needs the best of all the available loads. You can simply find your desirable loads and choose them quickly—before they’re gone.

2.     Choose the right driver for your load: A TMS software that is properly integrated with your ELD can help you find the right driver for each load. It reflects the hours of service of each available driver along with the driver’s preferences for a time at home, destinations and hence, when they will be reaching you, etc. Using all this extensive information can help businesses make informed decisions.

3.     Make realistic, profitable trip planning easy: Using a TMS can make it easy to develop detailed trip plans in just a fraction of the time compared to other methods. By combining information from other areas like pre-trip inspections, the available hours of service and limitations, etc., a TMS can all help make planning the trips streamlined, profitable and easy for the drivers.

4.     Streamline invoicing: When all of your documentation and load details are in one system, you can invoice faster and with fewer headaches. With document digitization and automated invoicing, processing as well as auditing, the accounting and invoicing processes become very easy. It can even help customers compare costs with that of other service providers to make the best rational decision for their business.

5.     Reduce customer calls: Keep your customers happy while reducing your check calls by providing live, shared tracking information. that your drivers can easily keep current with pick up and delivery times As notifications and updates are regularly sent regarding loads, deliveries and delays, you can keep your customers in the loop with minimal calling and effort.

6.     Simplify driver settlements: Drivers love a mobile app that tells them exactly what to do and what they’re being paid for each load With TMS software, drivers can easily track all these along with the details regarding their routes, etc.

7.     Better supply chain visibility: Given the level of complexity in today’s supply chains, TMS is truly a life-saver as it gives access to live tracking and access to data from integrated systems. This can help the logistical managers act quickly to mitigate any contingencies that may arise while keeping up the efficiency.

8.     Minimal documentation: TMS helps save both time and money since all the accounts and processes are completely automated. Thus, the need to document everything along with the paperwork is at a bare minimum as well. This not only trims costs manifolds but also improves efficiency by reducing invoicing mistakes.

Why should you choose Axele TMS?

Axele TMS literally saves you ‘truckloads of time’ while shooting your profits higher and higher. With Axele TMS, you can take on more business with just the team size you’ve currently got while rightsizing your operations along with trimming your costs drastically. How?

  • CONNECTED TMS: Axele is connected to load boards, ELDs, market rates, accounting systems and almost everything any business requires to perform their trucking business smoothly.
  • AUTOMATED TMS: Axele helps you automate even everyday mundane tasks like customer invoicing, settlements with drivers, and document management. All this can help you focus on growing your business and get efficiency.
  • OPTIMIZED TMS: Axele uses HOS, driver preferences, and load profitability to reduce deadheads and fill your schedule with the loads that make the most money.

So, if you’re getting:

  • One-stop to run your business
  • Automate day-to-day manual tasks
  • Find the most profitable loads

Why not go for it right away!

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