Globally optimize airline recovery

Decision optimization technology accelerates airline recovery from minor or major disruptions across your entire operation and increase profits.

Globally optimize your airline recovery

Use optimization intelligence to recover from minor or major disruptions across your entire airline operations and increase your profits.

Are your current systems giving you the best recovery options across all passengers, crews, and aircraft?

Whether it’s flight delays, inclement weather, or unexpected maintenance, irregular operations are one of the biggest airport operations headaches. Optym’s decision optimization solutions  present the best options for passenger, crew and aircraft recovery across your entire network.

Optym’s groundbreaking solutions for global, holistic airline recovery improve your bottom line and grow your profits.

Optimize Your Entire Airline Recovery Operation


Chances are your software for recovery operations is fragmented and disconnected. Imagine what bringing all relevant data to the right decision makers at the right time could do for your efficiency. Visibility across all passengers, crews, and aircrafts empowers airline operators to make the best decision, fast.

When all the data is brought together, simulation and machine learning can be used to predict airline operations hotspots so that planners and dispatchers can make proactive decisions. Easily perform simulations and what-if analyses to evaluate the impact of decisions.

Managing global recovery requires  optimization intelligence across all aircraft, passengers and crews, while taking into account aircraft maintenance and airport operations. Optym’s airline recovery solutions evaluate myriad decisions automatically and recommend the best ones.

Recover quicker from minor and major disruptions.

With various systems at your disposal – data visibility, decision support and optimization – planners and dispatchers can make better decisions, faster.

Increase Your airline profits.

Disruptions can cost you hundreds of millions of dollars per year in lost passenger revenue, crew deadheads and low load factor of planes. Decision optimization can help you make better decisions, minimize losses and increase profits.

Improve Your Passenger Experience.

Flight delays and cancellations are the biggest passenger complaint. Whether avoidable or not, a global recovery platform helps you minimize delays and cancellations, and improve your passenger experience.

What People are Saying

Adam Decaire, Vice President - Network Planning, Southwest Airlines: “These new tools will enable us to offer more to our Customers through better network planning and uncovering new ways to continue growing our network in a meaningful way.”

Adam Decaire
Vice President - Network Planning, Southwest Airlines

 “Optimizing both profitability and reliability will drive significant value to our business, whilst maintaining and enhancing the quality of our schedules for our customers.”

Andrew Salt
Network Optimization Manager, easyJet

“With SkySYM, we will better understand the impact that different network designs have on our operational performance. We are very pleased with the results we are seeing.”

Jeff Borges
Senior Manager, Operational Strategy and Performance, Southwest Airlines

“Our relationship with Optym has been a partnership where we are working together to develop new tools to enhance our unique and complex network optimization capabilities.”

Adam Decaire
Vice President – Network Planning, Southwest Airlines

Partnering with the Florida-based optimization experts at Optym, we’ve have been working to deliver a leap forward in our schedule creation capability. Network Planning is thrilled with the results our collaboration with Optym has created ….. This tool is designed to allow us all to deliver on Southwest’s Vision: to become the world’s most loved, most flown, and most profitable airline. The sky is truly our limit – and SkyMAX will take us to a new and even higher altitudes!

Southwest Airlines’s Magazine, LUVLINES
September 2015 issue

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