Amadeus and Optym partner with LATAM Airlines Group to improve network planning

SkyMAX and SkySYM will upgrade LATAM’s scheduling optimization capabilities 

Flight schedules are core to an airline’s offer and have a significant impact on profits. New technologies are enabling airlines to use cutting-edge solutions to produce schedules that are more profitable, more reliable, and quicker and easier to develop, ultimately unlocking more business value.

LATAM Airlines Group has signed a multi-year agreement to implement two components of the Amadeus Sky Suite by Optym: SkyMAX and SkySYM. This will enable it to optimize flight schedules with the latest network planning and scheduling solutions.

This agreement will allow the airline group to optimize its network and generate new schedules from scratch with SkyMAX, which provides the only proven “clean-sheet” scheduling capability in the industry. This means that rather than just accepting incremental changes from one schedule to the next, LATAM can make much more profound changes. SkySYM serves as a “digital twin” of an airline’s operations to simulate schedule reliability. It allows airlines to evaluate and maximize operational performance at the planning stage, prior to releasing schedules to the operating groups. The result is a schedule that is both profitable and reliable.

Renzo Vaccari, SVP Airlines Solutions at Optym, indicated:

“Our studies show that SkyMAX can improve airline profits by as much as 10%, and SkySYM can increase on-time performance (OTP) by as much as five percentage points, unlocking potentially tens of millions of dollars of incremental benefits annually. We are thrilled about the opportunity to work with LATAM to realize those benefits.”

Nicolas Salazar, VP of Network Planning for LATAM Airlines Group, said:

“With the largest route net-work in Latin America and over 1,300 daily flights, including domestic operations in six countries and international flights across five continents, the process of building robust and profitable schedules is highly complex. This technology will help us make our planning processes more effective, reducing the time and resources employed, while at the same time improving our on time performance and commercial offering, which will ultimately lead to a better service for our customers.”

Vicky Huertas, Amadeus’ Latin America and Caribbean Commercial VP Airlines, commented:

“We are proud to partner with one of the most connected and relevant airlines in the world, and we’re confident that Amadeus Sky Suite by Optym will enable LATAM Airlines Group to reach its network’s full potential.”

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