Announcing LoadOps

LoadOps, the intelligent carrier TMS

The daily challenges of running a trucking operation can keep you from growing your business. That’s why we’ve created a one-of-a-kind tool to help with the daily pains of the trucking industry.

Today we’re announcing the release of LoadOps, the intelligent TMS.

Watch the video below to see LoadOps in action.

Below are a few of the ways LoadOps makes life easier.

Save time with automation

LoadOps is perfect for the mundane tasks that eat into your day, such as:

  • Invoicing and settlements.
  • Creating and dispatching loads.
  • Capturing documents in the field.
  • Creating reports.

Tasks usually taking hours can now be done in only a few minutes with LoadOps.

By handling repetitive tasks, LoadOps frees you up to focus on quality tasks that add real value and grow your business, including:

  • Running the best, most profitable miles.
  • Hiring the best drivers to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Developing new relationships to get new clients.

LoadOps takes care of the mind-numbing tasks so you can get paid faster and focus more time on the tasks that help you stand out from the competition.

Visibility of operations

You know what your targets are. But you need visibility to know if you’re on target. You can’t know how your business is doing if you can’t see how it’s doing.

That’s why LoadOps comes with intuitive dashboards that measure the metrics that matter to you and your business. Our dashboards also show where your drivers and assets are at all times.

A screenshot of the LoadOps interface
A screenshot of the LoadOps interface

LoadOps brings visibility to delays to speed up recovery time, making you more proactive and less reactive.

Ease of use

Just because you can run your business in spreadsheets doesn’t mean you should.

Modern workers expect modern solutions with modern interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use. And LoadOps fits the bill.

LoadOps ensures the data you need is always at the right place and time. We’ve worked side-by-side with carriers to create a solution that anyone can figure out in a matter of minutes.

With LoadOps, you can connect to multiple load boards to find the best load for an applicable lane.

Easy integrations

LoadOps makes life even easier by integrating with software you already use to run your business, including:

  • Factoring and accounting software like TAFS, Apex, and QuickBooks.
  • Load boards, including DAT, Truckstop, and C. H. Robinson.
  • Leading ELDs such as Omnitracs and Motive.

No more entering the same information into two different platforms. Set up integrations and let the programs talk to each other so you can focus on the bigger picture.


Great software should pay for itself. And then some.

Here are some of the returns our customers have seen for a subscription that costs less per driver than the average cell phone bill:

TaskWith LoadOpsManually
InvoicingAs little as 30 seconds per load15 minutes or more per load
Creating loads30 seconds per load15-20 minutes per load
Document managementSave time with consistent image quality courtesy of the driver’s app seamless scanning.Low-quality images and waiting for images to be delivered in person delays invoicing and getting paid.

Using augmented intelligence to improve efficiency lets you focus on hiring more drivers, not more office staff. In other words, you can hire more people who make money for your business, not cost more money for your business.

Every business owner knows the wisdom of the adage “Time is money.” Time is the most precious commodity: You can’t get it back once it’s gone. LoadOps, the intelligent TMS, saves you time in countless ways.

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