Apex Capital factoring gets carriers paid faster

Updated 12/15/2022: Axele is now LoadOps by Optym.

We’re proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Apex Capital, where the Axele TMS will be integrated with Apex Capital’s freight factoring solution. By integrating factoring into the TMS, small to medium-sized carriers can improve cash flow and save time with accounting processes.

“Small to midsized carriers often work with tight margins; factoring will help them to maintain a consistent cash flow with quicker payments allowing the carriers to haul more loads,” said Ryan Camacho, Director of Strategy and Business Development, Axele, LLC. “This partnership means our customers will be able to grow their businesses faster.”

Apex Capital factoring solution will help carriers get paid faster

Axele’s new integration with Apex Capital means that carriers using Axele can connect directly to their Apex Capital accounts without ever leaving the TMS. This connection allows carriers to sync Axele/Apex customers with one click, shoot invoice details and supporting documents to the Apex billing portal in seconds, create Apex invoices populated with all the relevant information automatically, and display invoice status as you go. 

Axele will display an invoice status, sent date, and time to inform the user that the invoice was created successfully. Once the invoice is sent, users can log into their Apex billing portal to submit the created invoices. Faster payment in minutes rather than weeks means trucking businesses can keep the cash flowing and the company rolling.

“The Axele TMS helps trucking companies find the most profitable load – and now they can get paid for that load faster with the Apex Capital integration,” adds Camacho.

“We’re excited to partner with Axele to help our mutual clients run their businesses smarter and more efficiently,” said Josh Lambert, Director of Product Delivery, Apex Capital.  “This integration is slick, and passing factoring information so effortlessly between the TMS and Apex benefits everyone involved.”

Want to try getting paid faster and with fewer headaches? Try the Axele and Apex partnership today.

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