Leverage self-driving cars with optimization.

Autonomous vehicles, electric cars, trucks, and delivery robots could transform the movement of people and goods with decision automation.

Transform self-driving cars with optimization.

Autonomous electric cars, trucks, mining trucks, and delivery robots could transform the movement of personnel and goods. Are you ready?

Are you curious how autonomous vehicles can transform your business?

Autonomous vehicles can seem innovative, but are they cost effective? Many companies have already implemented autonomous vehicles within their operations, but without sufficient productivity gains.

Optym’s decision optimization algorithms can customize the planning and operation of these vehicles so that your business gets the maximum return on your investment.

Decision Optimization for Autonomous Vehicles


Mining can be hazardous and autonomous vehicles can protect your crews from high risk conditions. Optimizing the movements of your mining vehicles is critical to increase productivity and ensure a positive return on investment.


How can you manage a network of thousands of cars to meet the needs of thousands of passengers per day? Through an optimized network. Optimization intelligence software can solve the most complex network scenarios, so you get passengers where they need to go and rotate vehicles on a routine basis. 

Carriers around the world are considering how autonomous trucks can increase efficiency and lower costs across their network. Decision optimization software can help them make strategic network decisions across all vehicles, shipments, and schedules to increase profits and maximize their return on investment.

Are autonomous vehicles right for your operation?

Autonomous vehicles are a big investment, and how they are implemented within your operation matters. Optym can help you simulate various ways of using autonomous vehicles and weigh the costs versus the benefits. Optym’s decision optimization technology can help you determine whether autonomous vehicles are right for you and how to use them most effectively to maximize productivity and profitability.

Replace human error with machine intelligence

People make mistakes and machines can be taught not to. Vehicles that move on machine intelligence can react quickly to changing situations and can handle complex scenarios where mistakes are likely (by people). Optimization intelligence can help you scale machine operations and ensure consistent decision-making across your entire organization.

Optimized autonomous movements increase productivity

Take your autonomous decision making to another level by bringing optimization intelligence to it. You will receive the greatest productivity from autonomous vehicles which use optimization techniques to evaluate numerous decisions, score them and act upon the best ones.

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