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How better ETAs make for better customer satisfaction

Since when did accurate ETAs become an essential part of excellent customer service, especially when it comes to e-commerce or BtoB sales? It all started with Amazon. The e-commerce behemoth has conditioned consumers to expect their orders when promised. Customers have also learned to expect accurate, up-to-the-minute delivery information about their in-transit goods so that …

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Why is data so important, and why should we care?

Data is the snapshot of an event. An event could be a transaction with a customer, results from a roadside inspection, or a ping from an asset tracking device. Data represents the outcomes from these events that are recorded in a quantifiable way. Information is a way of bringing data together into a narrative, to provide context and to tell a story to inform. Without the context information provides, data is useless.

How Truckload Carriers and Shippers Can Manage Peak Season

Transportation managers, supply chain managers, and truckload carriers all have their work cut out for them with the upcoming fall 2021 peak season.
But what exactly is the fall peak season these days?
While the August-October period is historically prime shipping time with annual back to school and holiday shopping propelling consumer demand, this season may be longer and much more erratic, depending…

Business continuity for truckload carriers: Capturing tribal knowledge

When it comes to business continuity for truckload carriers, many companies don’t know where to start. It should start with tribal knowledge.
Tribal knowledge can be a real plus when it comes to day-to-day operations. But it’s also a significant liability if your key tribal knowledge holders are out sick for more than a couple of days or, worse yet, leave the company, leaving you swinging in the wind.

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