Improve decision-making and automate mundane tasks with optimization

Make better decisions, increase profitability, and improve service quality.

Turn human intelligence into machine intelligence

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Solve problems through customized algorithms developed just for you

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Evaluate tens of thousands of options within seconds

Make Smarter Decisions with Optimization

Save time and improve operations

Imagine being able to consider thousands of options and make the best decision, every time. Software can help you fine-tune some decisions, but optimization can help you make the best decisions, saving you time and improving operations across your organization.

Reduce costs and increase profits

Do more with less by utilizing your resources and assets to their maximum potential. Decision optimization helps you make smarter decisions to reduce idleness and improve productivity so you can do more with what you have.

Improve customer service

Your service quality today affects your profits tomorrow. Through decision optimization, you can separately evaluate the impact of your decisions on your profit and on your service quality, so you can offer the best service to your customers.

How does Decision Optimization really work?

Decision optimization takes all business objectives and constraints into consideration and recommends decisions that will create the best outcomes for you. Here are a few examples:


A firm has $100,000 available for investments in mutual funds. They need to decide how much to invest in which mutual fund (decisions) to get the highest return (objective) with the $100,000 to invest (constraint) and keep their risk manageable.


An airline needs to determine the flight schedule for its planes. It needs to decide what markets to fly, what times to fly and the fleet types for each flight (decisions) to generate the most profit for the airline (objective) while ensuring that planes arrive and depart at airports within the assigned slots and do not exceed the gates assigned to the airline (constraints).


A package delivery company needs to decide how its 1,000+ packages will be delivered by its fleet of trucks and the route of each truck (decisions) so that it uses the minimum number of trucks traveling the least number of hours (objectives) while ensuring that packages are delivered within their time windows (constraint).

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