Networks everywhere need optimization

Complex and growing networks use decision optimization to ensure that networks are operating at their maximum efficiency.

What is Network Optimization

In network operations, every decision affects another decision, so the larger the network the more complex it becomes. Optimizing a network can be overwhelming and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

Network optimization software scientifically models your most complex problems and finds the best solution so your network can operate efficiently and respond to changes quickly.

is holistic.

Model thousands of objects and their complex relationships so that you can assess how your decisions impact several other decisions down the line.

Assets are
more productive.

Don't pay overtime at one location while someone is waiting for work at another location. Consider all of your assets in an integrated manner so you can distribute work across the company to maximize overall productivity.

Your company can
scale and grow.

When optimization is deployed across your network, you can handle more business with the same team. This allows you to grow your business while maintaining its efficiency across operations, planning and scheduling.

How Network Optimization Can Help You

Optimize the movement of goods in a supply chain network.

An e-commerce company such as Amazon has setup its 100+ fulfillment centers across US which store various products provided by Amazon’s merchants. When a buyer places the order for an item for a service level (same-day, next-day, etc.), Amazon needs to determine the least costly way to ship the item to the buyer. Network optimization techniques help Amazon design the best network and fulfill orders in the most cost-effective way.

Route autonomous electric cars.

Soon, autonomous electric cars will be moving people across cities. Moving thousands of passengers across the city through hundreds of autonomous vehicles can be a daunting task. Network optimization can assign autonomous vehicles to real-time passenger demand, price fares dynamically, route cars to reduce congestion, and send cars for charging when needed.

Route airline jets to reduce empty travel.

Charter airlines, such as NetJets or Flexjet, route thousands of customers every day using their fleet of planes. Network optimization helps them minimize the empty travel of planes in between revenue generating flights, while also considering a crew’s work and rest rules and planes’ scheduled maintenance.

Optimize the movement of data in a telecom network.

Telecom companies design their networks to meet the needs of millions of cell phone users every moment. Network optimization is used to optimally design telecom networks – putting the right number of towers in the right locations with the right capacity – so that the network is capable of handling the peak load. This ensures that data traffic is routed over the network to reduce traffic congestion.

How Our Clients are Using Network Optimization

Southwest Airlines uses network optimization to schedule its flights.

Decision Optimization has increased Southwest’s profitability in hundreds of millions per year.

BNSF Railway uses network optimization to plan its trains.

Use of network optimization algorithms has reduced BNSF’s train operating costs by tens of millions of dollars annually.

YRC Freight uses network optimization to create its optimal linehaul network.

YRC Freight used optimization intelligence to decide how shipments should be routed through the delivery network creating savings in the tens of millions per year for YRC.

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