Operations Optimization improves your bottom-line profitability

Create operational efficiencies and increase profits by applying optimization to your operations.

What is Operations Optimization

In operations, decisions can be overwhelming. Operations Optimization helps you make the best decisions, fast, and gives you the ability to fine-tune decisions before executing on them

Make better decisions faster.

Operations optimization helps you evaluate all operational decisions with respect to revenue, cost and service, and operational constraints and recommend the best option for your business.

Centralize decision-making.

Decision-making is often decentralized in big organizations and every employee can run daily operations differently. Operations optimization centralizes and regulates decision-making so you can raise the bar in operations.

Make more money.

Operations is where the rubber meets the road - so any improvement can increase your bottom line. When operations are optimized, you reduce your cost, improve your service, and increase your revenue.

How Operations Optimization Can Help You

Optimizing linehaul movements at a terminal.

In LTL (less than truckload) operations, terminal managers must assign shipments, drivers, and trucks in a way that maximizes linehaul movements.  Operations optimization helps managers balance cost with service – so they can run trucks as full as possible and not leave any shipment behind. 

Integrated recovery of flight schedules in case of disruptions.

Weather, maintenance or other disruptions can leave passengers stranded, with planes and crews at wrong locations. Airlines need operations optimization to reschedule flights, crews and passengers in an integrated manner so operations can get back on track, minimizing costs and increasing passenger satisfaction.

Increase mining capacity through optimizing autonomous vehicles routing.

Modern mines around the world use autonomous vehicles to move iron ore from diggers to dumpers. Operations optimization is critical in deciding which vehicle goes to which dumper or digger to create perfectly synchronized movements of vehicles that maximizes the mine’s output.

Assigning gates to inbound flights to increase airport capacity.

Airport operators needs to assign gates to arriving flights in the most efficient way, while keeping in mind a plane’s size, gate’s size, and an airline’s preferences. By bringing operations optimization to gate assignment, airports can reduce airport congestion, increase airport capacity and improve overall passenger experience.

How Our Clients are Using Operations Optimization

Mining company uses operations optimization to schedule its iron ore trains.

Use of Optym’s software has created additional revenue in tens of millions per year for one of the largest mining companies in Western Australia.

Saia uses operations optimization to schedule delivery of thousands of shipments daily.

Use of operations optimization at Saia has replaced the manual process the manual delivery process by an automated process. It has reduced the drivers’ delivery time by up to 5%.

Truckload carriers automatically find loads that yield higher profits.

Optym has developed operations optimization software that automatically searches thousands of loads in load boards, evaluates these loads for revenue and profits, and recommends the best loads to the carrier.

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