Make Your Team More Productive

Optimization can make the best use of your most valuable asset – your people. Help them accomplish more and increase your revenue at the same time.

What is People Optimization

People are your most valuable asset. Making the best use of your personnel is critical for the profitability of your business. Optimization can help you balance work-rest rules, quality of life objective, and personal preferences so that your people work efficiently and have a better quality of life.

Maximize your profits.

By applying optimization to your people, you can either reduce your personnel costs or increase your revenue with the same worker base – both of which help you maximize your profits.

Increase job satisfaction.

Imagine being able to remove bottlenecks and reduce idle time for your personnel. People optimization accomplishes this by dividing work among your team better, so they can produce results quicker and more efficiently.

Have a higher speed of play.

As your need for work goes down and up, you can reschedule personnel quickly to meet your changing business need. People optimization helps you schedule personnel with a higher speed of play.

How People Optimization Can Help You

Staffing telemedicine professionals while balancing cost vs. service.

A telemedicine company needs to predict the demand of specialists at different times of the day, schedule the right number of doctors for different shifts, and direct patient calls to available doctors. People optimization can balance physician cost with the patient demand, all the while ensuring service quality (i.e., patient waiting times).

Minimize wind turbine downtime through maintenance scheduling.

Unpredictable weather can be a disruption to wind turbine maintenance schedules, which limits the uptime in energy production. People optimization can help companies schedule maintenance crews across hundreds of turbines to minimize downtime and maximize energy production no matter what type of disruption it is.

Schedule flight crew to reduce crew cost.

As a monthly airline schedule is created, thousands of crews, flights legs, and timing must be scheduled. Optimization enables an airline to consider all variables and determine the most cost-efficient crew duties across their network at minimal cost.

At airports, personnel across security, check-ins, baggage transfer, facility maintenance, and more must be called in various shifts to meet the passenger need, all the while minimizing manpower costs. This planning is complex and manual, but through the use of people optimization airports can automate planning, eliminate idleness in their systems and reduce their operating costs.

How Our Clients are Using People Optimization

Optimizing Federal Air Marshal assignments to flights.

We developed an optimization algorithm that generates the monthly assignment schedule of Federal Air Marshals.

Optimizing driver assignments for a national bus company.

Our optimization solution reduced Greyhound's number of extra board drivers by 33%, and increased the average monthly wage received by driver

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