Use the power of Schedule Optimization to increase your profits

Managing resources requires efficient scheduling. Decision Optimization helps you create schedules that increase resource productivity and makes you more profitable.

What is Schedule Optimization

Every company needs to create a schedule of its resources. It sounds simple, but scheduling across people, assets and operations can quickly become very complex. Schedule Optimization helps you evaluate it all and recommends the best schedule for you.

Achieve higher profits.

When assets aren’t correctly scheduled, they will be idle and waiting for work. Schedule optimization reduces idleness by creating more efficient schedules which can increase your revenue and profits.

Provide better customer service.

When operations and assets of your business are running at their best, your customers can feel the difference. Waiting times are minimized, service is on-time, and employees are more engaged.

Be agile to market changes.

COVID-19 has shown us the importance of being agile and adapting to changes quickly. Schedule optimization gives you the power to have a new schedule within a few hours, so you can respond to any change faster than your competition.

How Schedule Optimization Can Help You

Schedule movie showtimes to maximize a theatre’s revenue.

What’s the best time to show a movie and in which auditorium? A movie theatre can utilize schedule optimization to show movies at the most profitable times in specific auditoriums. This helps maximize the use of auditorium capacity, concession stands availability and minimize lobby congestion.

Schedule sports games to increase attendance and television viewership.

During its season, games of different college teams (football and basketball) are scheduled considering home and away game requirements, college team rankings, and potential television viewership. An optimized schedule will result in higher viewership and increased revenue for colleges and television networks.

Schedule buses across the US.

Bus schedules need to be customer friendly – giving more connections to passengers – and equipment friendly – giving better connections for buses as they go between destinations. Schedule optimization can balance passenger revenue with the cost of owning and operating buses, so the most profitable schedule is used.

Schedule aircraft for routine maintenance.

Every aircraft undergoes maintenance at shops  spread throughout an airline’s network. Schedule optimization can create schedules to distribute aircraft maintenance across shops more evenly and reassign aircraft from congested shops to underutilized shops.

How Our Clients are Using Schedule Optimization

Optimizing schedule reliability for airlines against disruptions.

We generated flight schedules that result in fewer flight delays, fewer passengers missing their connections, fewer baggage delays, and an increase in overall customer satisfaction.

CSX uses optimization to schedule locomotive maintenance.

The use of schedule optimization enabled CSX to maximize locomotives’ uptime and decrease locomotives’ out-of-service time.

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