Driver Appreciation Week Contest Winners: Did You Win?

Driver Appreciation Week is next week (Sept. 12-18), and we’re pleased to announce our Axele Driver Appreciation Week Contest winners.

We received a lot of great ideas for how to show appreciation for drivers. We’re excited to share them here so you can be inspired for your Driver Appreciation Week activities.

Driver Appreciation Week Contest Winners

First Prize: Denise Karis, Karis Cartage, LLC

Driver Appreciation Idea: A care package specifically made for each driver.  I watch all year long, listen to their likes and dislikes, and sometimes even talk to their family members to put things especially for them in their care pkg.   Usually it’s snacks, drinks, paper towels, Kleenex, post it notes and pens, fifth wheel grease tubes, Windex, Clorox wipes.  Last year hand sanitizer, door opener key, disposable masks and other covid type items were added and will be again this year.  Finally a gift card to their favorite truck stop is added to their care package.

We love the personalized touch of this idea, and that the company reaches out to drivers’ families. Well done!

Second Prize: Ty Crowder, Baldwin Transfer

Driver Appreciation Idea: Cookout everyday, hand out gift certificates, swag and goodies. Do raffles for prices (usually big items that are donated by vendors – TVs, coolers, electronics etc.).

Kudos for a weeklong effort, with a mix of big and small gifts/prizes!

Third Prize: LaWana Hohenberger, Bulkley & Associates, LLC

Driver Appreciation Idea: We plan to have a barber and a massage therapist come out during driver appreciation week and provide haircuts, shaves, and shoulder/neck/hand massages free of charge.

We like the comfort factor of this idea! Everyone deserves to be pampered once in a while, and who deserves it more than hard-working truckers? Great idea!

Honorable Mentions

Some additional ideas that are too good not to mention:

Deana Y Welchel, S and S Pallets and Equipment LLC

Driver Appreciation Idea: To give a goodie bag full of different useful things for every day of the week, which include Gift cards to popular restaurants, hand sanitizers, cash $$,  new gloves,  gift certificate to boot store and to call my driver daily and tell him how much he is appreciated.

Autumn Wallis, Aardwolf Transport, LLC

Driver Appreciation Idea: TMS, ELD, and Macropoint/tracking integrations! 😉 Coordinating a network of home-cooked meals delivered to truck stops from friends/families of truckers.

Tara Markley, MAG Carriers LLC

Driver Appreciation Idea: I believe that drivers should be appreciated every day, why? Because they are our life line to food, clothes and so many more things. My drivers are not just a number; I treat them just like real people. I think they should get recognized at least once a month for being safe, maintaining equipment. Then once a year for doing these things beyond measure, they should receive a $ 1,000.00 bonus and a mini vacation to a place of their choice. That would be great.

We couldn’t agree more, Tara!

Thanks to everyone who submitted your ideas for our Driver Appreciation Week Contest—we appreciate your creativity! We hope you all have a great Driver Appreciation Week, and a big thank you to all our great drivers.

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