Ensuring Great Truck Driver Communication

Good communication is essential to any business. So how do you begin your often-remote truck driver communication on the right foot to ensure smooth operations?

In today’s touchless world, it’s an excellent idea to get to know your drivers in person. Companies that develop strong working relationships with employees enjoy better long-term success and foster a sense of connection and pride.

And while smartphones and the Internet have made truck driver communication easier, knowing–and using–the best method of contact is as important as the communication itself. Texts and emails can relay complicated or lengthy messages more effectively than a phone call. And please remember to employ clear, concise, jargon-free communications to avoid misinterpretation—especially with non-native-English-speaking drivers.

Meanwhile, video conferencing apps like Zoom, Facetime, and Google Meetings can enhance truck driver communication and enable your team members to connect wherever they are on the road. Schedule quick video chats with drivers at times convenient for them. With human interaction, drivers can express any concerns or issues. More-immediate matters–a loading dock delay, a quick request for time off, or just offering a sympathetic ear—are best handled via phone. Your availability for a quick chat makes all the difference in improving driver performance, increasing morale, and creating a productive, healthy workplace.

Once an essential tool, old-school CB radios can still help drivers communicate critical information with other drivers while on the road and can be a lifesaver when traveling through areas with spotty cell phone service or connecting with local police, fire, or ambulance.

For optimal truck driver communication, you’ll want to utilize mobile-enabled technology like Axele TMS, which lets you send load assignment alerts directly to drivers and remove unnecessary texts, calls, and emails. With Axele TMS, you can easily share rate confirmation, pickup and delivery addresses and appointment times, and additional notes, so drivers view all current, and future loads assigned and receive notifications of any changes to load assignments instantly.

For their part, drivers can upload documents like bill of lading and proof of delivery for instant viewing; they can also upload pictures of loads and additional documents for any accessorial charges. Drivers can easily manage their preferences in the truck driver app, such as sleeper berth, preferred truck stops, and states to avoid for trip planning. Drivers input their time-off directly in the app for easy consideration in load planning. Axele TMS tracks load and driver locations in real-time through GPS. Drivers can easily update load progress events–load arrival, departure, completion, and more—and avoid check-in calls with a quick view of load delivery status, including ETAs for the remaining load stops. Truck driver communication is vital for smooth operations. The Axele Truck Driver Mobile App provides real-time updates, communication, and preferences to keep drivers moving. The Axele Mobile App is a true driver’s assistant providing maps, trip plans, and contacts–all necessary information to improve truck driver communications, leading to better efficiencies within your operations. Request a Demo of the Axele TMS today to improve your Driver Communication.

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