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Who’s the cutest pet?

Do you have the cutest pet in the world? Enter our cutest pet contest!

Pets are important in the trucking world, as in the rest of life. A fuzzy or feathered companion can help the miles on the road or the hours in the office much more enjoyable.

And so many times they provide us with a needed laugh, as with the story about the trucker kitty that decided to wake up the truck stop early one morning.

Caught on camera — A blaring truck horn at a Utah truck stop has a surprisingly cute cause. 

The driver who caught the incident on video said, “I am a truck driver, one morning I woke up and the truck that was parked next to me was blaring its horn. When I got up to see, I noticed there was a cat sitting on the steering wheel.”  

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We’re pet lovers at Axele, so we want to see and hear about your pet. Whether your buddy keeps you company on the road or keeps you sane managing the business, if you have the cutest pet in the world, we want to see it in our cutest pet contest! Send us a picture of your pet, and you could win a $100 Amazon gift card.*

Submit your entry by 5:00 pm Pacific time on Tuesday, June 8. Just click below to enter.

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