Finding the Right TMS is a Different Story: Case Study

Finding the right TMS can be a journey. Take the story of Ginger Booker, for example.

Ridez by Journey is a four-power unit full truckload operation based in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. When Ginger Booker began as office manager for Ridez by Journey, she had a solid understanding of the trucking industry and managing an office, but the challenges around juggling trucks, taxes, and the DOT were something completely different.

Knowing she needed a TMS was one thing; finding the right TMS was a different story. “I thought I had found one, and it was nothing like what it said. I can’t take three days out of the week to train.”

“When I first started, I knew I had to have something,” Booker said. “I sat through so many demos and tried to work while doing it. I thought I had found one, and it was nothing like what it said.”

Onboarding also turned out to be frustrating. “Going over something one time with somebody is not going to teach them how to use it,” Booker said. “They wanted you to take their training classes three days out of the week for two hours. I’m the only one in the office; I can’t do that.”

“I knew there had to be something better. There just had to be,” Booker said. So through “insomnia and the internet,” Booker found Axele. “After all those hours of demos, my first conversation with Axele was very refreshing,” Booker said. “Straightforward.”

Axele organizes Ridez by Journey’s expenses and simplifies the process of driver settlement. “It prints it all out on a page, so I don’t have to piece it together and make it look right.”

Drivers are embracing Axele

Ridez by Journey’s drivers are starting to embrace the Axele mobile app. “They’re getting in the groove of where if they want to see what’s happening, they check the app.”

With the ups and downs of a turbulent 2020, Booker knows that for Ridez by Journey to be successful, cost containment is key. Axele affords her the ability to run an enterprise-grade TMS at the lowest cost.

“When I came on board, just like any other small business, in the beginning we were unsure of what direction we were going in. And then COVID-19 happened.

“So, we’ve been hanging in there, with the grace of God, constantly learning the business, adding brokerage, etc.,” Booker said. “With everything that happened this year, the more owner-operators we can add, and then having both sides of being a carrier and a broker, we can keep adding to the family.”

Want to read the rest of Ginger’s story about finding the right TMS, including how she solved problems with tedious data entry, payroll with “old-school” drivers, jumping load boards and more?

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