Getting Truck Drivers Paid

What’s the key to getting truck drivers paid?

Many technologies, such as freight matching tools, can help ease carriers’ efforts to locate and contract for loads. Many of these tools offer carrier partners:

  • a load board with access to multiple freight networks
  • hassle-free booking options, faster payments, full work weeks for drivers, and guaranteed revenue for provided trucks with single or multi-week contracts
  • reduced empty miles and idle time
  • automatic load booking to match their criteria
  • faster driver check-in, easy scheduling, and real-time updates on the road

Getting truck drivers paid requires more than simple digital freight matching

Tools like this are great for keeping freight moving. But they can also spawn payment and settlement problems. Getting truck drivers paid is not a matter of simple digital freight matching; it’s about accurately and quickly tracking the transaction as it moves between several intermediaries.

Often there is much finger-pointing because the shipper pays the carrier (or 3PL), who then pays their truck driver or contracted independent owner-operator. Because of so many touches, issues with invoicing and payments arise that can short-change the truck driver. For example, the shipper claims to make a payment, but the invoice is off by $100. The carrier will have to follow up to get the correct payment. However, suppose the carrier doesn’t notice the shortfall, and the payment goes directly to the truck driver. In that case, the trucker may not have anyone to discuss the discrepancy with because there have been so many entities involved.

To date, there is no silver bullet to solve this payment and settlement issue. With all the freight moving on U.S. highways these days–complicated by hours-of-service (HOS) regulations and other demands on truck drivers–payment and settlement for drivers is a big issue.

It’s essential to use technology to reduce costs, increase revenue, save time, and have better tracking and visibility. But truck drivers are crucial to making sure freight moves on time.

Axele understands that truck drivers need to be taken care of and accurately paid. Working with the Axele TMS ensures drivers are well taken care of because they get paid faster and the amounts are correct. Contact Axele today (

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