Optimize vaccine and Rx distribution

Automate the complicated decisions around planning, scheduling and tracking of mass vaccine and medicine distribution efforts.

Optimize vaccine and pharmaceutical distribution

Automated planning, scheduling and tracking of mass vaccine and medicine distribution efforts across federal, state, and local entities.

From pandemic to natural disaster, novel situations call for novel solutions.

When crisis strikes, the need is great for coordinated efforts among various entities to get help to the right people at the right time.  Hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards – not to mention pandemics such as COVID-19 – put pressure on healthcare systems to deploy medicinal resources to specific regions and groups of individuals.  Optym’s vaccine and pharmaceutical distribution systems automate and optimize the complicated process of allocating and delivering resources when time is of the essence.

Decision Optimization for vaccine and pharmaceutical distribution

End-to-end visibility

Optym’s command and control center provides full visibility of distribution progress and inventory to all stakeholders.  With real-time dashboards and notifications, measurement against KPIs, clear understanding of current and predicted inventory levels, and identification of hotspots, serving even the largest population groups becomes manageable through decision optimization.

Make Smarter Decisions, Faster

Optimization intelligence incorporates human factors into automated decision making so you can execute critical distribution efforts based on complicated criteria.  From federal to state to local requirements, Optym turns them all into actionable, effective, efficient plans.

Continuous Network Optimization

Distribution systems consist of multiple moving parts – any of which can be impacted by disruptions due to manufacturing, supply, demand, weather, and more.  Optimization enables you to keep your vaccine and pharmaceutical network humming despite potential disruptors.

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