How to choose the right technology solutions for your fleet

What features and benefits do you need to consider when choosing technology solutions for your fleet?

Many new technology solutions improve fuel economy, safety, productivity, and the driver’s experience. But there’s a lot to consider when you hunker down to do your research—especially if you’re looking for your first TMS or seeking to upgrade a current TMS.

Here’s how to get started.

Seek independent, unbiased information. Tap into your existing relationships with suppliers like OEMs, dealers, financing partners, and service providers. These partners will be familiar with your operation and may be able to provide insight into whether adopting specific technology solutions makes sense.

Take a look at your fleet’s operations. Are you running long-haul operations? Then electric vehicles (EVs) may not make sense, given limited charging stations nationwide. But EVs may be great technology solutions for a short-haul route delivery operation.

Consider new technology solutions’ costs. You’ll want to ensure that any projected maintenance, repair, or training costs are manageable.

Conduct a vendor comparison if you’re looking for a TMS. A vendor comparison is an excellent way to see how different options measure up. Find out if the TMS vendor’s technology solutions will help you automatically find the most profitable loads and plan trips based on drivers’ hours-of-service (HOS) availability. Do the technology solutions offer a driver mobile app, integrate with QuickBooks, or provide live dispatch management? Integrate with multiple load boards, including the DAT load board? Are they designed just for small to mid-sized carriers? You may find that the best TMS has no up-front setup, training, or maintenance fees.

The best TMS technology solution for a small to mid-sized trucking company offers easy integration with systems like ELDs, load boards, and Quickbooks, along with simple upgrades and maintenance.

When it comes to Axele,  this TMS makes it easy to create smart driver schedules. It also provides live load boards so you can quickly ID new load opportunities, factors in drivers’ HOS data, and lets you see the true profitability of the load before you take it, even eliminating deadhead along the way.

Axele’s Visibility System lets you track and trace for improved shipment visibility, accurate ETAs, and happier customers. Features like a mobile driver app improve driver communication. And a simplified dashboard moves you beyond struggling to track mechanical repair needs, drivers running out of hours, following dispatch destinations, invoicing, payroll, maintenance, routing, and separate software licenses. The Axele TMS integrates easily with other solutions, is easy to maintain and upgrade, and always provides the optimal answer for improved decision-making. Contact Axele today.

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