How your tech will attract younger drivers – Or not

Your tech will attract younger drivers — or will it drive them away?

Younger drivers expect up to date tech; they’ve grown up with smart phones, video games and video streaming. They expect their technology to be intuitive, user-friendly, to make their lives easier and to make it easier to do their jobs.

If you’re using tech that was developed in the 90s or even the 00s, younger drivers are not going to be pleased—and you may lose them right there.

An article published in Forbes entitled “The Millennial Expectation of Technology in the Workplace” described millennials as “tech-dependent,” saying that “They no longer ask for sufficient technology at their jobs; they expect it. Often, this expectancy has been painted as entitlement, but what millennial workers really want are the tools they need to do their job efficiently.”

The article stated that “According to the most recent Deloitte Millennial Survey, millennials want roles that offer purpose and the opportunity to change their personal and professional environment.

“How do they want to make their impact? According to The Future Workforce Study, the answer is through technology.”

How to offer tech that will attract younger drivers

Fortunately, technology in trucking is now reaching this level, although not every system is there yet. In order to appeal to younger drivers and help them achieve the efficiency they desire, you need tech that is:


Tech that utilizes optimization and AI is now a standard for tech-savvy users. Early technology that doesn’t offer this will seem antiquated to younger drivers


Younger drivers who have been using a smart phone and other user-friendly tech for more than a decade will expect the same from their work tech.

Usable on a smart phone

Millennials conduct their lives on their smart phones and will expect to do the same with their work. Requiring them to use a laptop will turn them off immediately.

Designed to make their lives easier

Again, the generations that are used to easily managing their finances, media and so much more on their smart phones will not take kindly to tech that makes their lives harder instead of easier. Make sure you’re using systems that will meet their expectations.

Evaluate your tech today

Not all trucking systems meet these requirements, of course, so make sure that you evaluate your systems with this in mind. Want to see how the top TMS systems compare? Get the latest TMS Vendor Comparison today and see which tech will help you attract younger drivers.

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