Improve service and routing while considering customer requirements in RouteMax 3.0

This release of RouteMax includes new features to help users improve service and simplify routing while considering customers’ unique needs.

We’ve also added feature improvements to help you operate more efficiently.

New features

Below is an explanation of the new features in RouteMax 3.0.

Customer Management – A new module to manage all customer properties

There are two ways to access Customer Management:

  1. Double-click on a customer’s name in the Shipments list.
  2. Go to the Customer Management module at the top of the screen.

Customer Management has the usual sort and filter capabilities.

From there, you can manage these customer requirements:

  • Mark open and close times (by day of the week).
  • Mark customers as closed on specific days of the week.
  • Mark customers as requiring liftgates or appointments.
  • Mark customers with trailer size limitations.
    • Example: Downtown customers must always be on a small truck.
  • Create customer-specific routes.
    • Example: Large consignees can have exclusive routes.
    • Note: Multiple customers can be assigned to the same exclusive route, if desired.
  • Apply stop times to customers to override the usual stop time logic. 
    • Example: Mark a customer as always needing 60 minutes to unload.

Pressing “Add day of week hours” opens more time window choices.

Route optimization will honor all these constraints.

Identifying and merging duplicate customers made easy

Duplicate stops are sometimes present in the data.  If left uncorrected, they will count as two stops, which can:

  • Make the solution slightly less efficient by “wasting” one stop of route capacity.
  • In the worst case, send two drivers to the same place.

RouteMax has two ways to identify duplicate stops:

  • Notice them in the Stops grid.
  • Use the Duplicate Customers Report to quickly list them (much faster).

The usual cause is having two customer numbers applied to the same consignee (yellow highlight below).

After merging, RouteMax will remember the two are the same and always treat them as a single stop in the future.

The merge stops button is also above the Stops grid, on the Route Planning tab.

To merge:

  • With the stops highlighted, press the Merge icon.
  • Choose among the options presented.
  • Press the green “Merge” button to finish.

Single Sign-On (SSO) and other security enhancements

RouteMax now has SSO and Active Directory integration. You can now access RouteMax using your company sign-on — no need to remember different usernames and passwords. 

RouteMax is CSA STAR certified for security. This certification conforms to the applicable requirements of ISO 27001 and has addressed issues critical to cloud security as outlined in the cloud control matrix.  This certification is considered one of the highest standards for application and data security.

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