Join the Trucking Sign War – You Could Win $100!

A “sign war” erupted in Christiansburg, Virginia recently and entertained the nation with the humorous signs posted by various businesses.

You may have seen the sign war in the news—it started with a sign posted by Jim Bohon, manager of the Bridge Kaldro music store in Christiansburg. The sign, directed at a neighboring shoe store, said “Hey, Super Shoes, wanna start a sign war?”

The answer was yes in the form of “Our shoestrings are stronger than your guitar string.” And the battle was on.

Soon, other businesses including a Japanese restaurant and even a church jumped into the sign game.

International Sign War

Then the sign war went international, spreading across the Canadian border. The owner of Speedy Glass in Listowel, Ontario, invited the Dairy Queen to join the fray with a sign reading: “Hey, DQ, Wanna Have a Sign War.” DQ’s response: “You Bet Your Glass We Do.”

Other humorous signs included the North Perth Fire Dept Listowel station posting: “Hey Speedy Glass and DQ, If This Thing Gets Any Hotter We’ll Be Ready With Hoses & Water.”

Even businesses without signs joined in.

“There are thousands of signs at this point,” said Trevor Cork, owner of Speedy Glass. After just three days, “every single business in our community had signs up.”

The sign wars have been reported on multiple news sites and even on the national evening news by CBS.

Share Your Funniest Sign – You Could Win $100

All of the sign combat has inspired us to ask: What’s the funniest sign you’ve seen? We’re sure many of you have seen funny signs, and why not share a laugh with your trucking community? Whether you’re on the road as a driver or just traveling on your own, we want to see the funniest sign you’ve encountered.

Send us a picture of your sign, and you could win a $100 Amazon gift card.* Submit your entry by 5:00 pm Pacific time on Tuesday, August 10.

Join the sign war – enter now!

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* By submitting your sign photo, you grant Axele permission to publish the image in contest announcements and other related communications. The photo must be yours and not copyrighted. Entries must be submitted by someone employed in the trucking industry. Winners are selected at the discretion of Axele management. Maximum file size is 16 MB; file types accepted are PNG, JPG, JPEG and GIF. Entries must be received by 5:00 pm Pacific time, August 10, 2021. 

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