Manage Your Trucking Company without Buying a New Truck

If you’re a trucking company thinking about investing in your fleet for growth, you’ve probably already run into the work truck shortage problem.

And you’re not alone: Many trucking companies want to buy another truck or hire another truck driver or two to help meet customer demand. But buying a new truck—or even a used truck–just isn’t feasible for many firms right now.

More and more modern trucks require large quantities of chips to function correctly. But the increase in demand for products using semiconductor technology—exacerbated by consumer electronics purchases due to the COVID-19 pandemic—has slowed down work truck production due to scarce chips.

Meanwhile, the used truck market is booming, increasing prices 20% – 30% and making it impossible for some trucking companies to invest in trucks.

How becoming more operationally efficient can be just as good—or better

There’s more than one way to approach fleet expansion and optimization. Instead of buying a new truck, consider a modern TMS. The right TMS connects all your systems to automate and optimize your trucking operations and load planning, increase efficiencies, and help create digital capacity.

A truly connected TMS connects you with load boards, ELDs, market rates, maps, accounting systems, and everything else you need to run your business easily. With a one-stop shop, you can run your business and maximize revenue.

Here are a few unique TMS features and benefits that let you manage every stage of the load cycle to speed operations:

  • Centralized load management lets you manage every stage of the load lifecycle, from confirmation to dispatch, collecting critical documents, invoicing, and settling load payments to drivers.
  • Minimum data entry features provide automated and fast load creation by pulling information from load boards, converting a quote to a load, or duplicating a load.
  • A live dispatch board helps you increase productivity. And with smart tracking of driver schedules, you can monitor the schedule of all drivers in one place through intuitive visualizations and find out which drivers will be available when and where. Meanwhile, location tracking shows all assets – drivers, tractors, trailers, loads –in one place on the map as they move from location to location.
  • Tools to keep you ahead of compliance, safety, and accountability rules and regulations let you calculate IFTA easily, determine what you need to pay or receive from different states, and ensure you won’t miss any vital maintenance and repairs.
  • Driver safety takes a front seat, too, as the system sends alerts and reminders, so you never miss renewals of driver certifications, license renewals, or drug tests again.
  • Smart load selection helps you find loads with the highest dollar per day or highest dollar per mile using an automated search and evaluation of loads available across multiple load boards.
  • The market intelligence feature helps you negotiate better rates with brokers by using market demand and lane rates intelligence.

Best trucking company business strategy: Don’t fight it

If you can’t buy a truck, don’t fight it. Instead, focus on fixing your internal processes. Be innovative in your thinking. Optimize the way you handle your trucking company to increase efficiencies. The Axele TMS can lead you down the road to better operations. Contact Axele today at

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