Optym Announces New Partnership with Amadeus, Bringing SKY Suite to Market

Optym is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Amadeus. The enterprise presents an exciting opportunity for both companies to work together in the airline network planning and scheduling area.

The new partnership means that we can bring our revolutionary SKY software to market through a significant investment by Amadeus. Amadeus will also be using their global sales force in taking the lead role through the sales and commercialization of the SKY Suite.

Amadeus will provide the investment and global expertise to enhance and extend the current Optym network scheduling product line, with the new solution being marketed under the Amadeus brand.

“The Optym network planning and scheduling solution is already the best one in the market, and with our help we think it will become truly game-changing.” Julia Sattel Global Head of Airline IT at Amadeus

The suite of products, known collectively as Amadeus SKY Suite by Optym, will include SkyMAX (Schedule Optimizer) and SkySYM (Schedule Simulator). Through Amadeus’ investment, the suite will also expand to include SkyWORKS (Schedule Editor), SkyPLAN (Market Frequency Optimizer) and SKYCAST (Revenue Forecaster), all of which are currently under development.

Amadeus is a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry. Their customers include travel providers, travel sellers and travel buyers. The group employs around 13,000 people worldwide with central sites across Europe, as well as 70 local organizations globally. The size and global reach of Amadeus evidently will present some significant opportunities for the future of Optym.

This exciting partnership is just the beginning of a long relationship between Optym and Amadeus. Over the next ten years, both parties plan to work together to bring more revolutionary transport optimization software to market.

Jim Barlow, Vice President of Strategic Consulting at Amadeus, said, “I see us making a big difference in this industry and showing the world how we can do business the right way – with intelligence, passion, integrity, and yes, with a bit of fun too.”

Both Optym and Amadeus are very eager to help airlines unlock potentially millions of dollars in revenue going forward.

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