Optym announces partnership with Cargo Chief to provide carriers market rate data in LoadOps TMS

Optym and Cargo Chief announce partnership to provide carriers with market lane rate data.

Dallas, TX, January 31, 2023 — Optym, a leader in trucking optimization & AI solutions, announced today that Cargo Chief, a top provider of procurement and pricing software platform for freight brokers, have integrated their real-time pricing engine into Optym’s recently-released LoadOps carrier TMS.  

LoadOps is leveling the playing field in negotiations between carriers, brokers, and shippers with the help of Cargo Chief’s leading market rate pricing. Through this integration, LoadOps TMS carriers will be able to benefit from the same market rate lane data that brokers are already leveraging through Cargo Chief’s C4 platform. 

“With the extreme cycles we’ve seen across the trucking industry, it’s vital carriers have access to better data. Our carrier partners already have industry-leading access to loads through our integrations with the biggest load boards. Now we can show them fair market rate for their work.” Optym Senior Vice President of Sales & Partnerships Craig Balzer said. “We are proud to partner with Cargo Chief in an effort to support our carriers with the tools that will keep their operations on the path of prosperity.” 

 With over 600,000 carriers in its network, Cargo Chief offers the first real-time pricing engine for freight brokers with pricing based on the finalized rates people have paid, not quotes or proposed prices. As carriers search for loads, the LoadOps TMS provides market rates in line with a probability score, allowing carriers to quickly determine which loads are best for their business. 

“Together, Optym and Cargo Chief are connecting the trucking industry to better data,” Cargo Chief CEO Russ Jones said. “Our mutual goal is to empower the freight industry with the best possible decisions.“ 

LoadOps carriers experience advanced automations and integrations with the largest freight marketplaces, factoring companies, and ELDs. Through these integrations LoadOps carriers have the tools they need to scale their operations and drive new levels of sustainable growth. 

About Cargo Chief 

Cargo Chief provides the most powerful truckload procurement platform, enabling logistics companies to expand capacity, gain insights into real-time market rates, and automate carrier outreach through digital freight matching. Built by freight brokers for freight brokers, Cargo Chief’s C4 platform offers the most accurate and current data in the truckload freight market, enabling brokerages to make superior buying decisions to pre-book more freight and scale at a profit. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit www.cargochief.com

About Optym 

Backed by decades of experience, research, and development, Optym is focused on making trucking operations more efficient. By combining industry experience with cutting-edge optimization techniques, our solutions determine the best decisions for the complex challenges unique to today’s transportation and logistics companies. Optym holds a portfolio of innovative optimization solutions designed to tackle the biggest challenges facing transportation operators today. From network and resource planning to pickup and delivery and pricing, our solutions enable you to take your operations to the next level. Our products have provided some of the largest carriers efficiency of millions of dollars annually. 

For more information about Optym’s offerings, visit http://www.optym.com/


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