Optym Sells Airline Logistics Software Platform – Sky Suite – to Amadeus

Committed to airline industry, Optym to expand logistics and optimization technology offerings into retail, media/entertainment, and other transportation industries

GAINESVILLE, Fla., Feb. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Optym, a privately-held world leader in optimization software products, today announced the sale of its advanced Sky Suite software to Amadeus, one of the leading global travel technology companies and a market leader in the airline software business. The sale was finalized on Jan. 31, 2020, and terms were not disclosed.

Optym and Amadeus have operated as partners for the past three years, providing creative solutions through the Sky Suite platform to major airline operators in North America, Latin America, and Europe, including Southwest Airlines, easyJet, and LATAM Airlines. This partnership has allowed both parties to showcase their capabilities in the airline sector: Optym providing its expertise in world-class decision-support technologies and optimization intelligence, and Amadeus leveraging its broad, global customer base and technical expertise. With the closing of this transaction, Amadeus will integrate the Sky Suite software into its Amadeus Airline Platform.

Optym will continue to provide innovative software solutions to the airline industry, with a focus on developing products in areas such as maintenance optimization, aircraft routing, irregular operations, and airport optimization.

“This transaction represents a significant milestone for Optym, Amadeus, and the entire airline industry,” said Vic Keller, CEO of Optym. “Optym’s premier Sky Suite software has proven to be a groundbreaking platform that continues to substantially advance airlines’ capabilities to build better schedules, optimizing the use of aircraft fleet, and ultimately maximizing network profitability and reliability. We believe this is a significant step forward for the industry as a whole, as airlines’ revenue potential is directly influenced by strategic improvements to its aircraft scheduling.” Keller continued, “We remain committed to the airline industry and are proud of the efficiencies we have been able to achieve for airlines with the Sky Suite platform. We are excited for Optym’s next phase of evolution, as we commercialize our current product offerings and diversify into new areas of business, including energy, entertainment, healthcare and automotive.” Optym founder and Chief Science Officer Dr. Ravi Ahuja added, “Optym’s journey in the airline space began in 2013 with the strategic partnership with Southwest Airlines, which engaged us to develop the Sky Suite. Amadeus’ partnership with us three years ago was another important milestone in our journey. The investment capital received from the sale of Sky Suite will enable us to bring forward new, innovative optimization intelligence solutions to several new industry verticals. We look forward to continuing to establish Optym as a world-leading provider of these solutions.”

The integration of the Sky Suite business into the Amadeus portfolio is already underway, and both companies expect business to proceed as usual, with no disruption to the client base. Since 2000, Optym has developed software solutions for some of the most complex problems throughout the diversified transportation industry, including

  • Determining airlines’ most profitable flight schedules;
  • Calculating railroads’ train schedules that increase network capacity; and
  • Optimizing the routing plans for less-than-truckload companies to reduce their drivers’ cost.

Optym’s clients include Southwest Airlines, easyJet, YRC Worldwide, BHP Group, CSX Corp. and BNSF Railway. Optym’s software has created value in the tens to the hundreds of millions of dollars annually for its clients.

Optym’s global headquarters is located on a 10-acre campus in Gainesville, Fla., with additional offices in Yerevan, Armenia; Bangalore, India; and Perth, Australia.

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