Predictive Hiring: Today’s Top Driver Recruiting Tactic

Predictive hiring: Can it help alleviate the driver shortage?

The ongoing driver shortage has been in the news even more lately; empty shelves and restaurants crying for supplies have even been on the national news, in addition to industry publications.

This has led many in the industry to wonder: How can we improve the driver recruiting and retention situation?

The answer, according to Dylan Tinney of JOBehaviors, is predictive hiring.

This method of assessing job applicants is designed to target the types of candidates who:

  • Have demonstrated themselves to retain at two-to-three times longer than the industry average.
  • Have safety outcomes and reduced incidents on par with the industry’s best drivers.

Predictive hiring leverages a simple rating of one to five stars to locate suitable candidates for the job. The candidate who scores a five-star rating is the best and the candidate who scores a one-star rating is the worst.

How does predictive hiring work?

Here is how predictive hiring techniques work:

• Each candidate takes a quick 10- to 12-minute assessment online. The results come back instantly with a  rating from 1 to 5 stars. A breakdown shows how all the candidates fare on the assessment. This helps you eliminate as many of the one-star candidates from your application process as possible.

• The data comes from nearly half a million people who’ve taken the individual predictive hiring assessment for long-haul and delivery drivers.

• This data lets you identify with a high degree of confidence the candidates with the highest value to your business. The top candidates score 4 or 5 stars. These are the type of drivers who have proven themselves to have the best behaviors that lead to higher retention, fewer accidents, hiring success and satisfaction.

• The goal of predictive hiring is to help carriers sidestep the candidates that are not a good fit for the job, like those with behaviors that lead to higher accident rates.

This hiring technique has been shown to help carriers achieve high safety levels, uncover talent that otherwise would not have been considered during standard hiring processes, and more.

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