Bring your rail operations on track

Utilize optimization technology to automate decision making and increase efficiencies across your crew, locomotives and railcars.

Bring your rail operations on track

Utilize optimization technology to increase train speeds and efficiencies across your locomotives, railcars and crew.

Is manual planning and execution of your railroad holding you back?

Most railroads have successfully-built data platforms, but much of their decision-making is still manual with a lack of real-time updates and hotspot prediction.

Railroads are overdue for decision optimization technology that helps them create train schedules, predict train movements and perform deviation management. Technology that incorporates optimization intelligence can make train operations more efficient for railroads and all of their assets railcars, locomotives, crew, tracks and yards 

Decision Optimization for Railroad Operations


Create train schedules to run longer trains and at days and times that optimize the productivity of your locomotives, railcars and crew. 

Optimize your train movements with different priorities across your network and minimize train dwell considering unique variables like single and double tracks, sidings, terminals and yards.

Predict track traffic and find alternative routes for trains to avoid congested terminals or corridors.  


Find the best assignment of empty trains to meet the demand of loaded trains and the optimal route to minimize network congestion.

Increase Train Velocity

 By scheduling trains at the right times and optimizing their movements (while considering their priorities), we can reduce train congestion on your line-of-road and terminals. Increasing average train velocity by 1 mile per hour can save a large US railroad over $100 million per year. Imagine how much money you could be saving with increased velocity.   

Improve Service Quality

Unreliable train operations can keep you from providing the best service to your clients. Decision optimization can help you plan and execute in real-time, making your train operations more reliable and predictable for you and your clients. 

Improve Asset Utilization

Increase your profitability by scheduling trains at the right times and managing their movements intelligently. You’ll be able to reduce the wait times of railcars, locomotives and crew and improve their utilization across your railroad.

Railroad Software Solutions

Optimize your railroad operations today with RailSuite.


Optimize your railroad operations today with RailMax.


Optimize maintenance shop capacity with Ocomo.

What People are Saying

We have been working with Optym in developing their software product for Locomotive Planning for some time and have contributed significantly to its development. …. I was very pleased by Optym’s efforts as they were able to incorporate several new features and functionalities in a very short time frame and generated a plan that met all of complex business needs and requirements.

Andy John
Assistant Vice President – Locomotive Planning and Utilization, CSX Transportation

“CSX Intermodal has used Optym to analyze our terminal operations with great success on identifying bottlenecks and guiding improvements in the terminal layout and operating plan.”

Rob Giradot
Director Network Simplification, CSX Transportation

“Since LSR (Locomotive Shop Router) went into production, the number of past-due-Q locomotives has dropped 80%, and there is a more even flow of locomotives to shops, improving overall shop productivity.”

Bernie McCall
AVP - Locomotive Management and Network Operations , CSX Transportation

Optym has a highly talented team of researchers and developers that are capable of building simulation/optimization-based systems fairly quickly. I have a great deal of faith in their capabilities and expect to use their services again should a similar need arise.

Andy John
Assistant Vice President – Locomotive Planning & Utilization, CSX Transportation

Optym’s team transitioned the model from design to implementation within the proposed timeline. … CSX Intermodal has used the Optym’s model to analyze our terminal operations with great success on identifying bottlenecks and guiding improvements in the terminal layout and operating plan. We plan to use the model to analyze existing operations and for planning future terminal designs.

Rob Girardot
Director – Network Simplification, CSX Intermodal

“Blocking Optimizer (by Optym) has helped BNSF save double-digit million dollars a year in operating expense and reduced the time to create, evaluate, and implement design changes from weeks to days with fewer design personnel."

John Orrison
AVP - Service Design, BNSF Railway

Optym team understood our business, our unique way to run our operations, and modified/adapted their existing systems to incorporate our business practices. They are very flexible and adaptive. They are respectful of our team and possess an in-depth understanding of transportation networks. Their systems are graphically attractive, easy-to-use, and have a fast response time. Their IT capabilities are quite impressive.

Ray Elphick
General Manager – Service Design, Canadian Pacific Railway

Optym used their two tools in performing several studies for us. It was an invaluable experience for me and my team as we continue to understand and optimize our network. The results of these studies will continue to guide us for several years and assist in strategic decisions requiring major capital expenses.

Cary Helton
Vice President – Service Planning, CSX Transportation

Service Analyzer was recently awarded the CSX Chairman’s Award of Excellence, a testimonial to the collaboration between CSX and Optym. We are very pleased with the services we have received, the talent on their team, their client focus and their ability to develop sophisticated applications in a rapid development mode.

Jason Montgomery
Director, Service Measurements, CSX Transportation

What impressed me most about the members of Optym team was that they understood our unique business operations within few weeks and quickly became an extension of our team. I was equally impressed with their ability to analyze the data and slice and dice in a variety of ways to derive business insights that we could benefit from. They exceeded our expectations in this project and provided an excellent return on our investment.

Patrick O’Brien
President, Belt Railway of Chicago

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