“The Right TMS” – Axele Case Study

How do you know when you’ve found the right TMS? Ask South Coast Carriers.

South Coast Carriers is a startup hotshot trucking company founded in 2020 in Houston, TX. They transport loads up to 30 feet in length, ranging from cars to industrial equipment to pallets, lumber, etc.

With three on the payroll to start, sales manager Sami DesChamps finds and dispatches loads, runs accounting, recruits new clients, and more. 

With a background in engineering, she’s a unicorn who does it all.

Knowing she’d need a TMS that’s both robust and easy was one thing; finding it was a different story.

Other TMS’s seemed to be big companies that had been around for a while, but the platforms looked like they were made back in the old era with regard to usability.

Axele looked easy.”

“It was important to get the right TMS”

With DesChamps’ engineering background, she could have managed a more complicated solution, but finding a TMS that South Coast could learn and implement fast was critical.

“Our growth depends on how fast our driver can get the load information, and then relay back when it’s complete,” DesChamps said.  “Our entire job relies on this system to move forward, so it was important to get the right TMS.”

Getting set up was quick and painless.  “Extremely easy and intuitive,” DesChamps said.  “I went in there and within the first day I knew how to use it.”

DesChamps took advantage of Axele’s handy tutorials and guided setup calls.  “If I had a question, even if they didn’t know the answer immediately, I got it within two hours.  With QuickBooks, sometimes I won’t hear back for a week.”

Challenge: tedious data entry

Taking on loads is what makes carriers money, but it’s also what costs money, in terms of the time it takes to log details and track them.

“When we first started, the first day we took loads, it took around 45 minutes to create it in the archaic app we were using, just because of all the information I had to put in, making sure the address was correct, etc.” DesChamps said.  “Whereas Axele searches up the address as you’re typing it in.”

“It gives me the zip code and everything,” DesChamps said.  “Because there have been times where I started to put in an address and for some reason, the city isn’t showing up, and we realize the broker gave the wrong address for the rate confirmation.  I love that Axele verifies the address.”

DesChamps said there are many more reasons she considers Axele “the right TMS”, including the fact that it allows her to scale the business, find the most profitable loads, and much more.

Read the full case study now.

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