TMS Case Study: “Find the Best Loads Fast”

A TMS case study tells you exactly how well the solution really works for a truckload carrier, and we’re proud to share ours. The story we want to share today is that of Success Logistics, a small truckload carrier operation based in Arlington, TN.

When owner Marco Harris decided to try Axele, he was seeking a more professional look for his business.

“Instead of relying upon Excel spreadsheets, I wanted something more neat and clean for sending dispatching to the drivers and paperwork to clients.”

But what he got was much more.

More Productivity

“There is less administrative work because it’s all saved in the portal,” Harris said. “With Axele, I don’t have to re-scan any documents. The drivers scan them in right there on the spot, and that also creates a backup, where a physical document might get misplaced or damaged. Once the drivers scan them in, that same scan is the document that I send in to my factoring company to get paid. The quality of the scan from the driver’s end to my end all the way to the back end is perfect. That saves time right there. It’s better this way.”

Success Logistics leverages Axele’s integration with the DAT load board and Samsara electronic logging (ELD) solution. These integrations make Axele a one-stop shop for Harris. The ability to stay within Axele instead of bouncing around multiple systems saves hours each day.

“It saves a lot, man.”

TMS Case Study: Visibility, Profitability

Success Logistics focuses on one -day runs, so effective trip planning is a key component to the business’ strategy.

“The way Axele tracks the truck helps with creating a plan for the next load, and just keeping me abreast of when the truck is in its proper destination gives me better visibility and real ETAs,” Harris said.

With weekly profit margins tight at around 10%, Harris is looking to Axele to help bump that to 13% or 15%. While those numbers may seem lean, they are significant to Success Logistics.

“Before, I had to do a lot more deadheading to get good loads,” Harris said. That tradeoff between wasted miles for better rates has lessened with the use of Axele. “If I can keep moving the profitability needle up three more or five more percent, that’s great.”

Because Success Logistics focuses on one-day loads, Harris used to spend a great deal of time scanning load boards. “But with the Axele app, it’s going to pull up the top five loads based on city and state or area where you’re trying to run,” Harris said. “It’s going to pull up the best load from the DAT board that’s available, versus without Axele, you go on DAT and you pretty much scan through all the different loads to find those best five loads.” “It takes no time, because it’s automatically populated for you instantly,” Harris said.

Want to know more? Read more case studies or get the full Success Logistics case study.

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