Truck driver recruiting tips and tricks

These days, joining the transportation industry is more popular than ever. With the growing need for exceptional logistics know-how and rapid delivery for countless industries, there is a growing need for truck drivers.

But do you know how to identify top-quality candidates to operate your vehicles as they carry valuable, sensitive cargo across the country?

The last thing you want for your transportation business is to hire drivers that won’t hold up their end of the bargain. If you’re looking to hire new truck drivers for your business, you can’t go wrong with these trucker recruitment tips and tricks.

Focus on Reliability

The very best truckers understand the incredible importance of being there. That means always arriving on time – both at the start of a job and when they show up on time with their freight delivered safe and sound. They should be able to fulfill their role to the fullest and carry out their duties without causing any added headache.

Thus, when you’re hiring a new trucker, you want to make sure they’re reliable. The ideal truckers you hire should present themselves as the solution to any problems you may have, not as another issue for you to deal with.

Make Sure They Understand the Fundamentals

A truck driver must have a full understanding of the vehicle they operate. That means they can handle any repairs their trucks may need to stay ready for duty. Whether that’s changing out a fuse, replacing a tire, or keeping the interior in top shape as they travel, they should grasp the importance of a well-maintained truck.

This means the truckers you hire should be experienced in the industry and be able to comprehend the mechanical details underneath their truck’s hood. Plus, drivers also need to be able to embrace the latest technological developments in the industry and understand how they function. Not only will a trucker who understands these fundamentals be more efficient as drivers, but they’ll also create a safer work environment for everyone involved.

Self-Dependence is Key

Driving a truck is most often a solo experience. Truckers spend dozens of hours on the road each week alone in their vehicles and left to their own devices. This means they may sometimes run into issues that they’ll have to handle on their own.

The best truckers understand this and know how to deal with anything the job may throw their way. Whether that’s the stress of deadlines, traffic jams, mechanical issues, or simply the mental effort it takes to get the job done right, self-dependence is critically important for every trucker.

Another responsibility truckers have is to be physically capable of handling a variety of tasks while on the road. As they must often load and unload freight, perform minor upkeep on their vehicles, and other tasks that require them to be on their feet, they should be able to handle these tasks without succumbing to physical exhaustion.

When you hire a new driver, make sure they know what they’re getting into and that they have what it takes to perform admirably – no matter the pressure they may face.

Test Their Interpersonal Skills

Even though truckers spend most of their time navigating the highways of our country, they’ll also need to be well-versed in navigating relationships with others. Not only should drivers get along well with you and the rest of your employees, they should also be able to handle face-to-face interactions with the new faces they’ll encounter every day on the job.

Customer service is all about creating and maintaining positive dialogues with clients and their teams. If you identify this ability in a potential hire, you’ve found a trucker worth adding to your team.

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