What is rate con?

The term “rate con” (short for rate confirmation) is a legally binding agreement between a freight broker and a carrier that the freight broker must provide for the carrier to sign before proceeding. Rate con documents govern all load details, including how much the broker or shipper will pay the carrier for the movement of the load.

But why is easy-to-set-up technology that creates an immediate, measurable ROI (and allows the speedy, accurate transmission of ratecon documents) essential to running your business?

In short: The faster you bill, the quicker you get paid.

Margins can be tight. And labor is precious. The more time the Axele TMS frees up for your back office and driver teams by automating as many processes as possible, the more you can direct your energy and time to locating profitable loads and creating full driver schedules.

Graduating from spreadsheets to ensure better outcomes

To speed ratecon document receipt/upload and avoid tedious and wasteful time spent manually creating loads, consider employing a TMS like the Axele TMS, which:

  • Allows you to connect to several load boards, including DAT—the preferred load board for the Axele TMS. Every year, shippers and brokers post hundreds of millions of loads on DAT, resulting in more than 52 million transactions across 68,000 lanes.
  • Ensure you can upload ratecon documents in PDF format directly into the Axele TMS to create a load with the relevant information automatically.
  • Integrates with DAT to fill gaps in your drivers’ schedules and determine good options for your drivers’ subsequent loads. (To speed up and secure this process, freight brokers can provide this information via their contract if they use DAT Onboard with Assurasign.)
  • See metrics you could not see before without a considerable effort (expected revenue, the loaded miles logged, empty miles logged, etc.) and identify areas for better efficiency.

Axele TMS client Koom Transport uses Axele’s integration with the top load boards to cut through the noise and find the best loads. According to Koom personnel, some loads can come and go within minutes. Still, Axele’s ability to identify any holes in their schedule and prepopulate location information means they don’t waste time typing in destinations and can grab the best loads before they slip away. Axele also streamlines Koom’s operation through its driver mobile app.

And on a more macro scale, Axele is also connected with ELDs, market rates, maps, accounting systems, and everything else you need to run your business efficiently. The Axele TMS automates most of your day-to-day functions. It also uses the latest load optimization technology to find the best loads for your drivers, factoring in their hours of service, geographical information, and personal preferences.

The Axele TMS helps carriers improve efficiencies by automating the scanning and upload of important documents. The Axele Document Scanning feature supports quick, intelligent scanning with high-resolution images, page edge detection, image rotation, multi-page documents, and automatic color/resolution optimization. Store your documents in one place with the Axele TMS. Contact Axele today.

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