Unleashing the Power of AI to drive efficiency in Trucking

Sep 6, 2023
Optym Webinars

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About this webinar:

As the landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, its potential to transform the trucking industry is met with fears surrounding automation and its implications. The session will dispel myths associated with automation while demonstrating the value AI can bring to the industry, emphasizing that AI enhances, not replaces, human decision-making.

The webinar will bring together Optym’s critical leadership – Chris Torrence, Chief Strategy Officer; Shaman Ahuja, Deputy CEO, as well as Scott Auslund, CEO of Gulf Relay. These industry leaders will share their insights on AI’s practical applications in trucking and its potential for impactful change.

In this one-hour live session, we will:

  • Showcase the immense value of AI for the trucking industry, highlighting its role in enhancing, not replacing, human decision-making.
  • Introduce Optym’s unique approach to end-to-end optimization through AI, created with and for trucking professionals.
  • Discuss specific AI use cases that have led to measurable improvements in carrier operations.
  • Engage in a roundtable discussion on the future of AI in dispatching, exploring its impact on the trucking industry and the growing scale of operations.

Meet the speakers

Shaman Ahuja

Deputy CEO - Optym

Chris Torrence

Chief Strategy Officer - Optym

Scott Auslund

CEO - Gulf Relay

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