We bring efficiency to transportation through optimization and AI

By developing purpose-built optimization software, we drive profitability for your business.


$1 billion in additional value for our partners


Reduction in decision-making time


25 thousand more productive drivers 

The Optym difference

Our people

Optymers combine experience, passion, and skill to embody a spirit of innovation and collaboration. Founded in academia, we value creativity, continuous learning, and a shared commitment to excellence to drive value for our customers.


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Our experience

Our science has backed the decisions of Fortune 500 companies over the past two decades, providing increased profitability and asset utilization, agility to adapt to economic changes, and sustainability for our clients.


Our mission

We envision a world where our products create unprecedented efficiency in transportation for our clients; driving profitability.



Trusted by transportation leaders

Industries we serve


Holistic solutions for the LTL industry from planning to real-time operations

Challenges faced by LTL carriers are complex due to the routing of numerous origin-destination pairs of shipments through a hub-and-spoke network. Through groundbreaking research, Optym offers solutions for planning, scheduling, routing, pickup and delivery, last mile, and more.


Optimized dispatching for full truckload

Customers can now achieve the perfect balance between AI dispatching and human expertise. Our Truckload solutions generate optimized driver-to-load assignments to balance profitability of carriers, drivers’ preferences, and quality of service for shippers.


Improved rail asset utilization through better planning and operations

Products and custom solutions for planning, execution, and data analytics. With more intellectual property in this space than any other company in the world, we are the leader in optimization for scheduling, planning, yard management, and real-time train movements.


What our customers say

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    “Optym is a great partner that listens and works towards a common solution to solve problems centered around our customer and drivers experience”

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    “Optym has enabled us to plan more efficiently and make adjustments to lanes quicker. ”

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    “Out of ten vendors... You were the only one to truly offer end-to-end optimization”

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    “RouteMax’s dynamic route optimization capabilities and intuitive workflows are helping our planners create more efficient routes in less time.”

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    "Optym has continually proven that they bring more than just optimization and AI prowess to the table."

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    "Optym got their name right! They are the clear leader in optimization in the transportation industry.”

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    “HaulPlan has empowered our planners to easily see the network impact of our decisions.”

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    “We have identified Optym products as a way to enable us to reach new levels of efficiency and quality.”

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    “Optym HaulPlan has enabled us to plan more efficiently and make adjustments to lanes quicker.”

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    “Optym leads the industry in trucking enhancements, and we’re proud to partner with them to improve our service.”

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    “Optym’s unique combination of diverse skills helped to build a product that creates both optimal and practical routes.”

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