Optimality vs Operability

Episode 5 | 3:06

Explore the dynamic journey from academic theory to real-world application with our latest video on optimality vs. operability.

What is Optimization?

Episode 3 | 3:54

Master the Four-Step Path from Possibilities to Optimal Solutions with Mathematical Precision and Advanced Algorithms

Optimization Vs. AI

Episode 2 | 3:42

Dive into the world of Optimization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as we decipher their unique approaches to decision-making. 

It's All Networks

Episode 1 | 4:22

In 1978, Ravi Ahuja ignited a journey that would transform transportation. 

Linear & Mixed Integer Programming

Episode 4 | 4:38

From War Rooms to Boardrooms: How Dr. George Dantzig's Linear Programming and MIP Redefine Efficient Decision-Making in Industries Worldwide.

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