Legacy, leadership, and the road ahead

Episode 24 | 1:34:09

Discover the core values that drive Stevens Trucking forward.

Liability in the tech age

Episode 23 | 1:11:50

Learn about life at the intersection of logistics and the law.

From NFL to entrepreneur

Episode 22 | 1:00:40

Join the journey from NFL star to business success.

Aligning tech and business

Episode 21 | 1:00:06

How technology should support and optimize existing business processes.

Practicing candor in freight

Episode 20 | 47:03

Candor Expedite CEO Nicole Glenn discusses the power of candor in the freight industry.

The power of power only

Episode 19 | 56:45

Peak behind the brand FreightVana and the future of trailer utilization with Shannon Breen.

The state of M&A in trucking

Episode 18 | 51:05

Take an in-depth look at the state of mergers and acquisitions in trucking.

The truth behind cost-per-hire

Episode 17 | 48:59

Discover the secrets to building a recruitment machine and optimizing the onboarding process.

A skill stack for success

Episode 16 | 1:42:46

Thomas Wasson reflects on his transportation and logistics learnings from a career in freight.

The power of benchmarking

Episode 15 | 47:49

Amanda Pearson shares the innovation and collaboration that's only possibly through benchmarking groups.

Lessons in fleet management

Episode 14 | 37:22

Tony Eiermann, a fleet management veteran, shares insights from his career and tips for the next generation.

Growing the freight community

Episode 13 | 37:16

Chris Thomas, also known as the Indie Trucker, discusses Chris's background in trucking and the freight community.

The truck parking problem

Episode 12 | 39:43

Evan Shelley covers the truck parking problem and how technology and relationships can address it.

Building an award-winning driver support system

Episode 11 | 58:50

Phil Wilt delves into the essentials of constructing an award-winning driver support system.

Building LTL sector resilience

Episode 10 | 50:46

Curtis Garrett maps his experience in less than truckload to the future of the industry.

The path to truck driver health

Episode 9 | 41:07

Mark Manera, the Founder & CEO of Supply Chain Fitness, discusses truck driver health and wellness.

The future of tokenization in logistics

Episode 8 | 51:53

Todd Haselhorst, the CEO and Founder of HEALE Labs discusses IoT and tokenization’s role in revolutionizing logistics.

Driver recruitment and retention trends

Episode 7 | 1:06:07

Conversion Interactive Agency’s Priscilla Peters and PDA’s Scott Dismuke discuss driver recruitment and retention in the trucking industry.

Weather forecasting’s role in logistics

Episode 6 | 33:49

Scott Pecoriello spotlights weather forecasting in logistics and how the industry can apply it.

How transportation supports national unity

Episode 5 | 35:25

Courtney George discusses the role drivers and carriers play in uniting a nation.

The seasonality of trucking and its effects

Episode 4 | 48:39

Dean Croke sheds light on the seasonality of trucking and its impact on truckers. 

Navigating the future of supply chain

Episode 3 | 57:06

How is Al transforming the logistics industry, and what are the key trends shaping its future?

Making LTL shipping frictionless with Estes

Episode 2 | 57:02

Making LTL shipping frictionless is more than possible; it’s happening today.

The evolution from one size fits all to collaborative solutions

Episode 1 | 44:47

How have SaaS solutions changed the transportation tech space? 

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