Pickup & delivery, perfected

Intelligent and real-time routing, dispatching, and driver management tools streamlining every step in your pickup & delivery operation.

Innovative LTL carriers choose optimization and AI

RouteMax improves city operations and cuts costs with advanced route optimization, intelligent dispatching, and a smart driver mobile app

Use machine learning to increase P&D productivity and keep customers happy

Complete optimization of routes

Use dynamic route optimization to create the most operable routes that meet all requirements while reducing the number of drivers needed, miles driven, and planning time.

Dynamic AI that finds the best routes

Run pickup and delivery operations smoothly and increase efficiency with real-time pickup optimization and driver assignment.

Machine learning to predict dwell time

Enable drivers to do on-time pickup and delivery with minimal data entry, guided workflows, and continuous stop optimization.

Cutting-edge optimizer

Honor all the variables – delivery time windows, multiple trailer types, freight arrival times, driver availability, historical pickup density, etc. – and create optimized routes that work in the real world.


Real-time visibility

Gain real-time visibility of all drivers and stops, and drill down into specific routes or stop details to ensure route compliance.

High-performance mapping gives dispatchers a bird’s eye view of all drivers, with support for dual monitors to pop out maps into an ever-present live view.

Optimize driver assignments

Save precious time and take a data-driven approach to rapidly assign single or multiple pickups to the best drivers considering all operating constraints.

drivers recommdations
RM phone
DT_Device Circle

Voice alerts to drivers

Text-to-speech alerts for pickup assignment and messages allows drivers to listen to critical information without losing focus on driving.

DT_Map Lightning

Turn-by-turn directions

Truck-specific turn-by-turn navigation considers trailer length, hazmat restrictions, traffic conditions, low bridges, and other requirements, simplifying the driver's day.

DT_Truck Front

Paperless pickup & delivery

Empower drivers to focus on freight over paperwork with built-in digital hazmat placarding, BOL, signature and delivery receipts that quicken and automate freight bill processing.

Save your drivers time and headache

RouteMax continuously re-sequences the remaining stops based on time commitments, current traffic, and new pickups so drivers can ensure on-time service.

Eliminate the need to switch between apps and automate data entry for odometer, eDVIR, IFTA, lunch times, and more.



Intelligent and real-time routing, dispatching, and driver management tools streamline every step in your pickup and delivery operation.

LT_Path Stops

Wave-based scheduling

Schedule loads based on linehaul arrival times.

LT_Terminal Swap

Multi-monitor support

Expand your view across monitors to fit your workflow.

LT_Driver Dispatcher

Two-way chat

Communicate with drivers and know exactly what’s needed.

LT_Package Three

Loading orders

Load matches with route orders for easy dropoff.

LT_Document Clip Board

File sharing

Send and receive documentation from the field or the office.

LT_Warning Exclamation

Safety placard calculator

Know which placard you need for your load.

LT_Location Time

Real-time visibility

View up-to-date information across operations.

LT_Letter Invitation

Offline support

Store important information locally to avoid disruptions.

LT_Chart Pie Bar


Measure on-time deliveries, dock accuracy, and more.

RouteMax is part of the optymized ecosystem for LTL

Optym's LTL Suite minimizes waste and maximizes profit from the first mile to the last, and everything in between.


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