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Optimization tailored
to your needs

Give your truckload planners the power of AI to turbo charge their driver routing, load assignment, and asset allocation decisions.

Better service for your customers

Intelligent driver routing will ensure timely pickup and delivery of your shipments.

More pay for your drivers

Intelligent driver-load matching and multi-trip planning will increase driver utilization and payouts.

Higher profitability for your business

Intelligent selection of loads for your drivers and your brokerage will improve your bottom line.

Achieve the perfect balance between
AI dispatching and human expertise

LoadAi integrates with your TMS, generating optimized driver assignments based on carrier preferences. Dispatchers maintain control with the flexibility to override recommendations, ensuring a balance between AI optimization and human expertise for carrier and driver efficiency.

Truckload optimization
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Driver-load matching
Driver-load matching

Meet driver and customer needs

Breeze through load assignments with AI that accounts for milage targets, home time, deadhead, service agreements and more to turn even a rookie planner into a pro and drivers into loyalists.


Partial truckload consolidation

Move more freight and less air

Combine shipments throughout your network into full truckload, multi-stop truckload, or less-than-truckload movements to enhance asset utilization and minimize operational costs while meeting customer demands.

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Partial truckload consolidation
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Tender acceptance & allocation
Tender acceptance & allocation

Find freight that fits

Connect load tender decision making to capacity to find freight that fits your network. Quickly accept, reject, or broker a load with confidence that it’s the right decision for your drivers, service standards, and bottom line.

Trailer pool optimization

Bring balance to your trailer network

Forecast demand, position your trailers, and wow your customers. Take a comprehensive look at your trailer distribution, type, customer needs, and more to balance supply and demand across your network.

Trailer Pool Optimization
TMS Integration
TMS Integration

Turbocharge your TMS

Want to advance your technology but can’t afford to disrupt your operations by replacing your TMS? Not a problem.

LoadAi works with your existing TMS by pulling the needed inputs and pushing the optimized outputs so that your planners can seamlessly harness the power of AI.

Ready to see how Optym can optimize your operations?


Reduction in planning time


Reduction in deadhead miles


To route 200 drivers 


Increase in driver utilization


Increase in revenue potential


Average cost reduction through consolidation

Free complimentary pilot

Complimentary pilot completed in less than a month

Sound too good to be true? Put LoadAi to the test. We guarantee at least 10% improvement in your profitability from our optimization, at no cost and no obligation to you. Just bring your data and we’ll take care of the rest.

Want a different optimization problem solved?

Bring it on. We love a good challenge.

What our customers say

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    “Optym is a great partner that listens and works towards a common solution to solve problems centered around our customer and drivers experience”

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    “Optym has enabled us to plan more efficiently and make adjustments to lanes quicker. ”

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    “Out of ten vendors... You were the only one to truly offer end-to-end optimization”

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    “RouteMax’s dynamic route optimization capabilities and intuitive workflows are helping our planners create more efficient routes in less time.”

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    "Optym has continually proven that they bring more than just optimization and AI prowess to the table."

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    "Optym got their name right! They are the clear leader in optimization in the transportation industry.”

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    “HaulPlan has empowered our planners to easily see the network impact of our decisions.”

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    “We have identified Optym products as a way to enable us to reach new levels of efficiency and quality.”

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    “Optym HaulPlan has enabled us to plan more efficiently and make adjustments to lanes quicker.”

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    “Optym leads the industry in trucking enhancements, and we’re proud to partner with them to improve our service.”

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    “Optym’s unique combination of diverse skills helped to build a product that creates both optimal and practical routes.”

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