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Dynamic linehaul planning and execution

Manage and optimize every piece of your linehaul operation, create accountability, and execute – in real time.

Innovative LTL carriers choose optimization and AI



Adapt and reoptimize linehaul movements using live shipment data.


Easily move from plan to execution with dispatch and dock integrations.


Real-time and historic insights enable greater plan adherence and efficiency.

Meet service commitments while saving costs

Overflow and underflow optimization ensures terminals make the best decisions considering downstream impacts and service implications.


Turn plans into actions

Using multiple views for users, pass plans from supervisors to dispatch with the check of a box. Dig deeper with expandable load information, driver schedules, and equipment details

Minimize empty miles with intelligent extra-board assignments

View current and future capacity and loads to position drivers to maximize efficiency and minimize empty miles.


Automatically find direct loading opportunities

With live freight data, create the most efficient loads and head loads to minimize rehandling costs, damage risk, and terminal strain.

Prioritize the freight that matters to you and your customers

Put the most important shipments and loads at the top of your team’s list to deliver on promises.

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LiveHaul is part of the optymized ecosystem for LTL

Optym's LTL Suite minimizes waste and maximizes profit from the first mile to the last, and everything in between.


What our customers say

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    “Optym is a great partner that listens and works towards a common solution to solve problems centered around our customer and drivers experience”

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    “Optym has enabled us to plan more efficiently and make adjustments to lanes quicker. ”

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    “Out of ten vendors... You were the only one to truly offer end-to-end optimization”

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    “RouteMax’s dynamic route optimization capabilities and intuitive workflows are helping our planners create more efficient routes in less time.”

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    "Optym has continually proven that they bring more than just optimization and AI prowess to the table."

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    "Optym got their name right! They are the clear leader in optimization in the transportation industry.”

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    “HaulPlan has empowered our planners to easily see the network impact of our decisions.”

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    “We have identified Optym products as a way to enable us to reach new levels of efficiency and quality.”

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    “Optym HaulPlan has enabled us to plan more efficiently and make adjustments to lanes quicker.”

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    “Optym leads the industry in trucking enhancements, and we’re proud to partner with them to improve our service.”

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    “Optym’s unique combination of diverse skills helped to build a product that creates both optimal and practical routes.”

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