Optimize your less than truckload (LTL) operations

Use optimization intelligence for pickups, linehaul movements, and delivery of shipments to increase your profits and improve service.

Optimize your less than truckload (LTL) operations

Use optimization intelligence for pickups, linehaul movements, and delivery of shipments to increase your profits and improve service.

Looking for ways to reduce your operating costs but do not know how?

Most LTL carriers use legacy systems that make decision-making manual for hundreds of planners and dispatchers. With no alerts for future problems and prediction for hotspots, operations will be held back and carriers will lose money due to inefficiency.
Optym’s solutions help LTL carriers make strategic network decisions and run their daily operations better, reduce cost and improve their profits.

Optimization Intelligence for LTL operations ​

With optimization algorithms, LTL carriers can consolidate shipments across multiple destinations into loads and assign drivers to these loads to minimize the shipment cost and improve service quality.
Determining driver bids and assigning those to drivers can be a time-consuming and a painstaking task. Optimization techniques can help you semi-automate this process and reduce empty driver miles.
Maximize your drivers’ utilization and minimize their miles in pickup and delivery moves. Optym’s solutions enable you to automate pickup and delivery routing so operations can be performed with the least number of drivers traveling the least number of miles.
Every LTL carrier wants to optimize their hub-and-spoke network. With Optym’s solutions, you can easily determine your optimal hub locations, their hours of operations, and how shipments should be routed so your services are met at the lowest possible cost.

Reduce Operating Costs by 5%.

LTL carriers can consolidate their shipments of loads, better assign drivers ultimately reducing linehaul costs through the use of our LTL software. Carriers can also minimize pickup and delivery costs through optimized routing. Use of optimization techniques can reduce a carrier’s operating cost by as much as 5%.

Be More Agile to Changes

Whether it be terminal shutdowns due to flooding, disruptions from COVID-19, or a sudden surge in volume due to new business, Optym’s LTL software solutions enable LTL carriers to react quickly to sudden changes in operational changes. Easily change shipment routes and minimize the impact on your business with the power of optimization.

Continually Optimize Your Network

As origin-destination volumes change, your hub-and-spoke network needs to be reoptimized so that it is running at its best. Optym’s LTL software enable LTL carriers to keep their network most efficient while shipment volumes change. This results in lower costs, better service to customers and higher profits for LTL carriers.

What People are Saying

“HaulPLAN provides us the ability to continually review ways to improve our network from both a cost and or service perspective. It can complete what-if studies with ease that allows you to determine the best improvements to implement within the network.”

HaulPLAN User

“The main value HaulPLAN adds to our organization is time savings. Easy to make plan changes and publish into our line haul network in a short amount of time.”

HaulPLAN User

HaulPLAN assists in tactical and strategic planning so it is allowing us to make quality plans and have directional costing before making decisions either on a daily basis or on a long- term basis.”

HaulPLAN User

“HaulPLAN allows us to be more flexible or agile in our operations planning. In the past, when given a task to analyze the impact to our network we only had the time to come up with one plan. With HaulPLAN we are able to test various scenarios to find the best one. It also shows us operational improvements that would take us days to go through that amount of data to uncover.”

HaulPLAN User 

“HaulPLAN has endless possibilities to improve service, throughput, cycle, optimization, and costs.”

HaulPLAN User 

When I first met the Optym team, they told me that they provide exemplary customer service. These phrases are often spoken when trying to secure new business but rarely delivered. The Optym team has kept its promise delivering world class service to us at a competitive price while providing a sound ROI.

Tom Narvett
Vice President – Western Operations, Towne Air Freight

"RouteMAX's unique combination of route optimization and intuitive user workflows has delivered better visibility, rapid route planning, and improved utilization of our drivers and equipment."

Rohit Lal
CIO, Saia

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