7 ways carriers can survive economic downturns 

As the trucking industry finds itself in a lull, dark clouds of doubt gather on the economic horizon for the remainder of 2023. Are you prepared to navigate your trucking company through the murky waters of a freight recession?

As the trucking industry finds itself in a lull, dark clouds of doubt gather on the economic horizon for the remainder of 2023. Are you prepared to navigate your trucking company through the murky waters of a freight recession? The deafening drumbeat of an extended downturn is unsettling, yet it’s important to recall that there is still a path forward. 

Your business, whether an industry veteran or a young upstart, is standing at the crossroads. Now is the time to bolster your armor against the unpredictable tremors of the market. Harnessing the horsepower of cutting-edge technology and refining your operational gears won’t just drive profitability – it could be your lifebuoy in the stormy sea of economic strife. 

Seasoned carriers have navigated this road before and their compass points to two critical waypoints, automation and efficiency. By turbocharging your daily processes and supercharging operational effectiveness, you’re paving a path to resource conservation when it matters most. 

As we stand on the precipice of uncertainty, let’s dive into the top 7 strategies that can steer your business safely through any economic whirlwinds that loom ahead. This isn’t just a survival guide – it’s a blueprint for building a business that’s robust and resilient, capable of not just enduring but thriving amidst adversity. 

1. Maximize profitability by minimizing order entry time 

In the high-stakes world of trucking, every tick of the clock is valuable. The industry’s trailblazers know this all too well: if order entry is devouring your time, your profits are evaporating into thin air. As the freight landscape quivers on the brink of a potential recession in 2023, every minute, every dollar becomes a precious commodity. 

That’s why your guiding light should be to compress your order entry time to its smallest possible dimension. With the powerful precision of Optym's software, you can streamline your order entry process and dramatically slash the time spent. Optym's software customers have, on average, cut their order entry times from a hefty 6 minutes to a lightning-fast minute, using our revolutionary Rate Confirmation Extraction Tool. 

2. Revolutionize your load scheduling and boost profitability 

The intricate dance of matching the right loads with the right drivers can often devolve into a logistical labyrinth. Juggling multiple loadboards across various browser tabs can be a migraine-inducing endeavor, even for the most seasoned dispatcher. And the pitfalls don’t end there – even when you believe you’ve snagged the ideal loads, minor parameters may be overlooked, or you may secure a load that’s less lucrative than an alternate option. 

The solution? Optym's trucking software. This system empowers users to seamlessly search multiple load boards simultaneously without ever having to leave the platform. Moreover, the process is fully automated, inputting pick-up and drop-off locations, dates, empty mile parameters, and equipment types. You are then presented with a curated list of loads that align your available drivers with the most profitable opportunities. As we navigate the choppy waters of a potential recession, this efficient and cost-effective approach becomes a vital survival tool. 

3. Empower your operation with precision monitoring 

In the unpredictable seas of a potential recession this year, understanding the exact location of your drivers at all times becomes a compass, guiding both you and your customers towards operational efficiency. This knowledge is particularly vital for younger carriers who are navigating these choppy waters for the first time. 

Utilizing Optym's trucking software provides you with a unique Track and Trace Link for Dispatchers, which can be sent to customers for each load you process. With this powerful tool, customers can follow the progress of the load at every step of the journey, reducing the number of calls Dispatchers need to make to keep customers updated on load progress. Optym's trucking software users report a reduction of customer calls by as much as 50 percent. In times of economic uncertainty, this kind of efficiency becomes an invaluable asset, helping your business sail smoothly through the storm.

4. Ensure seamless communication with drivers to fuel efficiency 

Every dispatcher knows the drain of lengthy phone calls discussing details with drivers that could be succinctly conveyed in a text message. This drain isn’t just about time – it eats into your bottom line. But the exchange of information is the lifeblood of your operation’s success. Without constant communication, confusion takes the driver’s seat and efficiency takes a backseat. 

Optym's software offers an intuitive solution to this conundrum: the Driver Mobile App. This app allows dispatchers to transmit load information directly to drivers and track their progress along any route. Drivers can update their status at each stage of their journey, eliminating the need for check-in calls. Drivers can even request time-off and review their settlement statements within the app. 

Additionally, the app facilitates scanning and uploading of related documents including receipts for reimbursement on each settlement. This ensures a seamless exchange of information with your drivers, helping your business navigate the potential economic turbulence with enhanced efficiency. 

5. Streamline your accounting processes 

Managing vital documents can feel like navigating a storm of paperwork, eating into your precious time and energy. As potential economic hardships loom ahead in 2023 and beyond, you know there must be a more efficient use of your resources that can help your business sail through any financial squalls on the horizon. 

Enter Optym's software’ advanced document management and invoicing workflow. This system allows drivers to scan images of Bills of Lading, Proof of Delivery, and more, transmitting and storing them as part of each load. Your back-office team can then review these documents for accuracy, make necessary modifications, and approve them for invoicing. 

Furthermore, Optym's software seamlessly integrates with any factoring company of your choosing, enabling you to get paid for each load within 24 hours of delivery. If you prefer not to use a factoring company, you can directly email the invoice for a faster payment. By shortening your Order to Cash cycle, Optym's software provides a much-needed boost to your cash flow, setting you on course towards a healthier financial position, a crucial advantage in uncertain economic times.

6. Take advantage of superior bidding tools 

Navigating the competitive landscape of freight handling requires strategic weaponry. Having access to the same data as brokers can significantly enhance your negotiation tactics and ensure profitability, even in challenging economic conditions. 

Optym's software has integrated with Cargo Chief, which gives you a competitive edge by leveling the playing field between carriers, brokers, and shippers. With this collaboration, Optym's software users can pull the recommended bid price for a load directly from CargoChief’s platform. This revolutionary feature can bring about a paradigm shift in carrier negotiation tactics. 

In your search for loads, Optym's software now displays market rates along with a probability score. This allows swift decision-making on which loads align best with your business needs. With Optym's software and Cargo Chief working in sync, the trucking industry can make better-informed decisions and stay on the path of prosperity. 

7. Fully utilize QuickBooks  

For newcomers to the trucking business, the tax process can seem like a treacherous mountain to climb. Without the right tools, handling your taxes at the end of the year can turn into a financial avalanche. And as global economic uncertainty casts long shadows over the transportation industry, you may find yourself questioning your journey. 

Fear not. Software tools like QuickBooks exist to help navigate the rocky terrain of taxation. When paired with Optym's software , your financial worries can take a backseat. Optym's software flawlessly integrates with QuickBooks, pushing customer and invoice information directly onto the QuickBooks platform, freeing you from the burden of reporting your income to the IRS. This allows you to focus on steering your business through any economic storm. 


As we traverse the uncertain landscape of a freight recession in 2023, your business must be nimble, ready to expect the unexpected while keeping costs as lean as possible. This is where Optym's trucking software shines. Designed with an acute understanding of the industry’s pressures, every facet of our system helps you reduce the need for additional hiring, ensures your cash flow remains robust, and keeps your equipment operating at peak efficiency. 

A crucial advantage is our flexible charging structure. We only charge for drivers who are actively working, enabling you to scale up or down swiftly in response to economic pressures. You’ll never find yourself entangled in payments for services you don’t need. 

This flexibility sets us apart from our competitors, who often require upfront system purchases and long-term contract commitments, usually accompanied by hefty penalties. This rigid approach could saddle you with an unwieldy monthly bill for capacity you either don’t need or can’t use. 

When economic storm clouds gather, ensure you have Optym's trucking software as your lighthouse, guiding your business through the tempest. For more information on how we can help you reach optimal efficiency in your transportation operation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us

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