Trucking document management doesn’t have to be hard

Discover how this dispatching software simplifies digital document management with instant transfer, frequent backups, and intelligent automation.

Document management isn’t sexy. But it can make or break your trucking business. And it’ll become one of your biggest sources of frustration if you don’t have it under control. 

Documents are how you prove you’ve done the work. They’re your key to getting paid.

Keeping all your crucial documents in a manila folder is asking for trouble for a few reasons:

  • It’s far too easy to lose documents.
  • You have no backups for recovering documents you’ve lost.
  • Transferring paper documents and handing them off in person takes too much time and holds up other crucial business tasks.

Document management software removes the headache of managing trucking documents by making sure you:

Transfer documents instantly

No more waiting for drivers to return to the home office to drop off paperwork so that invoices and reports can be created. Drivers and dispatchers can share load documents in the blink of an eye with the desktop and mobile apps.

Smart automation also means less human error, meaning you can worry about high-level quality control instead of weeding through the details.

Being able to easily share and receive documents empowers workplace flexibility and gives dispatchers the option to dispatch trucks from home.

Never lose another document

Focus on your daily tasks with the peace of mind that your documents will always be where you need them, only a click away.

And no worries if you delete a crucial file—or if you lose all your documents.

Frequent backups mean easy recovery of deleted or lost files.

Backups are the foundation of any disaster recovery plan. And backups are just another way document management solutions have you covered.

Create documents in a snap

Drivers have enough to worry about while they’re on the road. They have to juggle their schedules and pickup times, ensure they’re following driving regulations, and much more.

And then they have to worry about creating documents as if they’ve somehow found a way to squeeze a back office into their trucks.

An intelligent TMS saves time by instantly creating documents drivers and dispatchers regularly use, including:

  • Rate confirmations.
  • Bills of lading.
  • Proofs of delivery.
  • Invoices.

Creating documents with the mobile and web apps means you can finally throw away your binders and 3-hole punch.

Get control of your trucking document management

Sure, you can get by managing documents like your grandpa used to. Or you can get with the times by using an intelligent TMS that takes care of your documents so you can focus on improving other areas of your business. (As an added bonus, improving document management can also simplify tax preparation for truck drivers.)

Tired of getting bogged down in endless waves of paperwork?

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