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How SEFL improved the efficiency of their box trucks

SEFL improves box truck efficiency with RouteMax's dynamic route optimization, enhancing final mile delivery services for customers. Explore more success stories with Optym.

"I have never seen a vendor like Optym where you give the requirements on one day and a few days later that feature is in production. With RouteMax's implementation, we're seeing positive results across our service centers. RouteMax’s dynamic route optimization capabilities and intuitive workflows are helping our planners create more efficient routes in less time.”


Background and challenge: 

Southeastern Freight Lines (SEFL), a privately-owned regional less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation services provider, specializes in next-day service and operates 89 service centers in 13 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. With a dedication to service quality and continuous improvement, SEFL has received more than 500 quality awards from customers and associations. 

As a part of their award-winning fleet, SEFL manages a fleet of box trucks for final mile deliveries. Creating efficient routes and preparing loads for different equipment quickly caused greater complexity for planners, which required a specialized optimization solution.


With the help of the SEFL Operations team, we gathered operational constraints for routing using the special equipment. The RouteMax team then created a special optimization mode to route final mile delivery trucks to improve efficiency and profitability. 

While optimizing routes, RouteMax takes different inputs from planners to create routes that best fit their needs. Planners and SEFL can now input user-specific equipment types and provide other inputs like a maximum number of stops that can be on these routes. With these inputs, RouteMax creates the best final mile routes honoring all constraints.


Using this new feature, SEFL better serviced customers with specialized city delivery routes using box trucks while meeting all customer needs and operational constraints. 

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