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How SEFL increased value for customers

Discover how Southeastern Freight Lines used Optym's HaulPlan and DriverPlan to optimize planning and scheduling, reduce costs, and enhance service, providing greater value to their customers.

"As Southeastern focuses on continuously creating value for our customers and delivering quality without question, we have identified Optym products as a way to enable us to reach new levels of efficiency and quality […] Their data-driven approach to operations aligns with how we conduct business, and we are happy to partner with them on our path of continuous improvement.” 


Background and challenge: 

Southeastern Freight Lines (SEFL), a privately-owned regional less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation services provider, specializes in next-day service and operates 89 service centers in 13 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. With a dedication to service quality and continuous improvement, SEFL has received more than 500 quality awards from customers and associations. 

On a continuous path of improvement, Sotheastern Freight Lines needed a modern and efficient approach to linehaul network planning and driver scheduling. There were opportunities for efficiency gains within their network, but SEFL needed user-friendly tools to find them and take their operations to the next level.


When planning an LTL network, planners need to see their network from every angle to understand the true impact of decisions. With HaulPlan, SEFL planners can see the impact of different scenarios on their network. From network expansions and plan adjustments to zip-to-terminal mapping, planners can see costs, violations, loaded miles, and more core KPIs in an easy-to-assess system. When they make a decision, it’s made with confidence, considering both service quality and efficiency. 

From this analysis, the industry’s first LTL driver schedule optimization solution enables planners to calculate the best way to move trailers with the drivers you have, giving drivers more consistent and desirable work while bringing them home more often. The two integrate to provide users a seamless load planning and scheduling experience.


Together, HaulPlan and DriverPlan enable SEFL to lower operational costs, increase driver retention, and improve their agility to respond to fluctuations in plans. With each of these capabilities, SEFL better serves their customers providing the best shipping experience possible.

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