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Estes and Optym Expand Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize LTL Operations with Advanced Optimization and AI Solutions

North America's largest privately owned freight carrier, Estes Express Lines has agreed to implement Optym’s entire LTL suite of products.

Dallas, TX, August 22, 2023 — North America’s largest privately owned freight carrier, Estes Express Lines, announced today an expansion of their strategic partnership with Optym, the leader in optimization & AI solutions for the transportation and logistics industry. As a part of this partnership, Estes has agreed to implement Optym’s entire LTL suite of products, including strategic planning and operational execution for first, middle, and last-mile.

“Optym has continually proven that they bring more than just optimization and AI prowess to the table,” Estes CIO Todd Florence said. “Their profound understanding of LTL operations, extreme client focus, and a relentless focus on delivering results uniquely positions them as our strategic partner. We are delighted to work with Optym and engage in this journey of continuous improvement of both our systems and processes alike.”

Estes has already implemented two of Optym’s core LTL products for middle-mile planning: HaulPlan & DriverPlan, that are routinely delivering impact to Estes and its valued customers. Through this strategic partnership, Estes has also agreed to license the following products from Optym:

  • RouteMax: A real-time pickup and delivery (P&D) solution that enables LTL carriers to optimize routing, dispatching, and driver management.
  • LiveHaul: A real-time dynamic linehaul optimization solution that assists in linehaul scheduling for all lanes and assignment of shipments to reduce middle mile costs while meeting service standards.
  • DockAi: A real-time dock management system that brings optimization and AI to all decisions taken by terminal managers in an effort to reduce operational costs and increase processing capacity.

“Optimizing the end-to-end movements of shipments has always been our focus,” Estes President & COO Webb Estes said. “Optym has impressed us in previous engagements, and we cannot think of a better partner in continuing to drive improvements to help our customers be successful everyday. Through this partnership, our customers will receive higher quality of service and our internal team will gain access to modernized systems that are intuitive and equally fun to use. Further, the broader LTL industry will also have the ability to optimize their own operations.”

“Estes is well known for efficient operations, a strong spirit of innovation, and relentless drive for continuous improvement,” Optym Founder & CEO Ravi Ahuja said. “We are indeed honored that Estes has chosen us as their strategic partner. We are truly grateful for their willingness to help us build modern, next-generation solutions that will bring efficiency to all LTL carriers and reduce reliance on human decision-making alone. Together, we will shape the future of logistics.”

This strategic partnership is poised to set a new standard for innovation, service excellence and environmental consciousness, raising the bar for logistics companies globally.

About Optym

Backed by decades of experience, research, and development, Optym makes trucking operations more efficient. By combining industry experience with cutting-edge optimization techniques, our solutions determine the best decisions for the complex challenges unique to today’s transportation and logistics companies. Optym holds a portfolio of innovative optimization solutions designed to tackle the biggest challenges facing transportation operators today. From network and resource planning to pickup and delivery and pricing, our solutions enable you to take your operations to the next level. Our products have saved some of the largest LTL carriers millions of dollars annually.

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About Estes

Estes is the largest, privately owned freight carrier in North America. As an asset-based transportation provider with a global footprint, Estes always goes the extra mile to deliver reliable freight solutions and exceptional service that keep its customers coming back. Ethical and honest, with over 90 years of freight shipping expertise, Estes has worked through the decades to build a robust fleet and vast network of over 10,000 doors and 278 terminals nationwide. And the company’s comprehensive transportation solutions are backed by its continued investment in technology resources, as well as the support of over 21,000 fiercely committed employees. Estes offers comprehensive freight shipping solutions, including Less Than Truckload (LTL), Volume and Truckload, Time Critical Guaranteed, Custom Shipping and Logistics, and Final Mile.

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Media Contact: Optym Marketing Communications Manager Jacob Eischen,

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