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The Bootstrapper’s Guide to Logistics with Ravi and Shaman Ahuja

Father and son duo, Ravi and Shaman Ahuja join Nate Shutes to explore the world of AI-powered transportation.

Father and son duo, Ravi Ahuja, the founder and CEO of Optym, and Shaman Ahuja, the Deputy CEO join host, Nate Shutes, to explore the world of AI-powered transportation. Ravi shares his journey from academia to entrepreneurship and explains how it can take millions of data points to solve certain supply chain problems.

Shaman shares how he has been shaped by his father’s experiences and his own pursuit of success while exploring the what the future may look like as he takes over the family business one day.

Working as a father-son duo they navigate complex dynamics by sharing how their life principles intertwine with the way they conduct business. 

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