Driver schedule plan optimization

driver scheduling

Build smarter schedules, faster

Eliminate the hassle of creating driver schedules and route plans to improve utilization, efficiency, and accuracy.

Innovative LTL carriers
choose optimization and AI

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DriverPlan helps carriers create better driver routes with cutting-edge optimization and scheduling

Time saved in scheduling
0 %
Reduction in empty miles
Reduction of total scheduled miles

Improve schedule efficiency

Run fewer empty miles and better utilize existing network capacity.

Bring drivers home more often

Prioritize turn runs and meet & turns to bring drivers home more often.

Higher driver utilization

Give drivers more miles and use fewer overall drivers.

Increase load coverage

Identify and cover unscheduled loads throughout the network.

Make schedules more efficient

Align schedules with trailer demand.

Move more freight with fewer drivers.

Convert laydown runs to meets.

Introduce relays to reduce empty movements and bring drivers home more often.

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Intelligent schedule editing

Simplify the complex.
Save precious hours by automatically updating paths for multiple trailers and days of the week simultaneously.

Correct mistakes before they happen.
Prevent costly mistakes with advanced error checking and notifications about broken driver meets, disconnected trailer paths, timing inconsistencies, and hours of service violations.

Reduce congestion

Analyze the freight arrival times for different shifts to prevent terminal congestion and plan labor efficiently.

Plan trailers holistically

Identify the specific shipments scheduled for each trailer in the network to better understand cut/due times of all trailers.

See the big picture

Compare trailer routes and driver routes to understand the complete freight movement picture.

Side-by-side comparisons

View related schedules side-by-side to effectively plan meets and relay operations.

Create optimized, implementable schedules with advanced, realistic models

Advanced modeling

Capture the variability of freight demand with day-of-week modeling.

Hours of service support

Create schedules that automatically honor Hours of Service regulations.

Driver-friendly schedules​

Model driver preferences to create driver-friendly schedules while cutting costs.

Sophisticated simulation​

Simulate cut times for every shipment.

Upstream & downstream system integrations make schedule updates fast and easy.

Easily publish to your execution system with the click of a button to avoid tedious data entry and reduce mistakes.

Automatically pull input data from HaulPlan to seamlessly move from load planning to driver scheduling.

Automate Schedules and Maintenance

Automatically adjust schedules for holidays and optimally update to cover new loads.

Plan Driver Headcounts for the Future

Determine the optimal number of drivers for each domicile.

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