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Decoding the downturn: inside the trucking market

Learn how the freight market is navigating challenges, fostering resilience, an anticipating future trends.


Feeling overwhelmed by the constant talk of market bottoms and capacity issues in the freight industry? You're not alone.

Join us for an expert panel discussing market complexities, strategies for resilience and growth, and a forecast into what lies ahead for the sector. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the forces at play and learn how to position their operations for success in a rapidly evolving landscape.

  • Expert analysis: Hear from leading industry experts as they dissect the latest trends and challenges in the trucking market, including persistent capacity issues and the elusive search for market stability.
  • In-depth discussion: Join a detailed discussion on the narratives of market bottoms and turnarounds, exploring varied perspectives on these ongoing industry dynamics.
  • Strategic insights: Gain actionable insights and strategies to help navigate through the complexities of the freight market during this period of uncertainty.
  • Practical examples: Learn through real-world scenarios how companies are adjusting their operations and strategies to thrive despite market volatility and capacity challenges.

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Meet the speakers

Dean Croke

Principal Analyst at DAT Freight and Analytics




Zach Strickland

Director of Freight Market Intelligence



David Spencer

VP Market Intelligence at Arrive Logistics




Thomas Wasson

Enterprise Trucking Carrier Expert




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