LTL 2025: Future of LTL Operations and How to Prepare for It

Sep 6, 2023
Optym Webinars

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About this webinar:

With the technological revolution taking place all around us, LTL (less-than-truckload) operations are up for a big change in the next five years. In this webinar, you will learn what the future of the LTL industry looks like, what new technologies will change the industry, and how automation will increase industry efficiencies. You’ll walk away with key ideas and action steps for how you can start preparing for these changes and not be left behind.

Speakers include Optym Founder Ravi Ahuja and XPO Logistics Senior Vice President, Operation Planning & Engineering Nate D. Wells III. with panelists Webb Estes of Estes Express, Jack Levis of UPS, Charlie Prickett of AAA Cooper, Patrick Sugar of Saia, and Scott Ware of YRC Worldwide.

Meet the speakers

Ravi Ahuja

Deputy CEO - Optym

Nate D. Wells

SVP - Operation PLanning & Engineering. XPO Logistics

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