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Optym Appoints Peter Frys as COO and CFO

Optym announced the appointment of Peter Frys to COO and CFO, where Frys will accelerate Optym's expansion and enhance operational efficiency.

Dallas, TX, January 9, 2024 — Optym, a global leader in optimization solutions for the transportation industry, today announced the appointment of Peter Frys to Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). In his new role, Frys will accelerate Optym's expansion and enhance operational efficiency. 

"We are thrilled to welcome Peter Frys to Optym as our COO and CFO," Optym Founder & CEO Ravi Ahuja said. "His remarkable achievements and strategic vision for the future of transportation make him an ideal leader for Optym’s next phase of growth. With Peter on board, we are confident in Optym's ability to scale rapidly and continue delivering cutting-edge optimization solutions." 

Prior to joining Optym, Frys served as a driving force behind the hundred-fold growth in revenue at Flock Freight through its early stages. His broad skillset, ranging from strategic conception to operational execution, played a crucial role in guiding Flock Freight to unprecedented success. His adeptness in navigating the complexities of the transportation industry uniquely positions him to lead Optym through a period of hypergrowth.  

Before joining Flock Freight, Frys held Director of Strategic Programs positions at both DealerSocket and Vista Equity Partners after four years of strategy and operations consulting at McKinsey & Company. Frys earned his MBA and MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and he holds a dual BS in economics and industrial engineering from the Northwestern University. 

“Operational planning in transportation is complex. The solution set is nearly infinite and the constraints are nuanced,” Frys said. “I’ve been incredibly impressed with the team at Optym, particularly their mix of deep technical ability in optimization combined with a practical understanding of logistics. Their track record across multiple modes of transportation is incredible. Truckload carriers can benefit immensely from optimization technology and the team at Optym is positioned better than anyone else to deliver it.” 

Frys will identify, develop, and bring to market new optimization solutions within the transportation sector. With a keen understanding of industry dynamics and a data-driven perspective, he is poised to bring forth innovative strategies that will further solidify Optym's position as a leader in optimization technology. Additionally, Frys will work towards establishing rigor in all aspects of operating the business, ensuring a seamless transition into the next phase of growth. 

The appointment of Peter Frys as COO and CFO marks a significant milestone in Optym's journey as the company continues to lead the way in revolutionizing optimization solutions for the transportation sector. 

About Optym 

Backed by decades of experience, research, and development, Optym makes transportation operations more efficient. By combining industry experience with cutting-edge optimization techniques, our solutions determine the best decisions for the complex challenges unique to today's transportation and logistics companies. Optym holds a portfolio of innovative optimization solutions designed to tackle the biggest challenges facing transportation operators today. 

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